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Is This The Hottest Calendar Of 2024?

February 14, 2024 12:13 IST
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Action and fashion photographer Rupali Saagar has a Valentine's Day treat in store for you.

Her 2024 calendar, Enchanted Echoes, releases today.

While it celebrates love, womanhood and body positivity, each image is also expected to create a 'harmonious blend of the Earth's rhythm and essence of human emotions'.

According to Rupali, Enchanted Echoes is 'a nod to the resilience and elegance of women'.

'As a photographer, I'm drawn to the intricate tapestry of life's interconnectedness.

'This calendar is a celebration of the tender, passionate, and mysterious aspects of femininity, intertwined with the raw beauty of nature.

'Each image reflects the delicate dance between love, nature, women and art, evoking emotions that transcend words,' she says as she shares some images of her labour of love exclusively with

May is 'Entwined in Essence': Amidst the wild's embrace, roots entwine with grace. Where earth's soft whispers drift, love finds its sacred space. Photographs: Kind courtesy Rupali Saagar


June's 'Fiery Caress': The inferno's tender touch.


July's 'Floral Whispers': In her repose, floral whispers evoke nature's dreams.


September is 'Midas's Muse': The heart's alchemy, where love forges and refines, casting the mundane into marvels.


November's 'Earthly Enigma': A silent ode to the enigmatic strength and ancient sagacity of the wild.


December is in 'Nature's Trance': In love's tender trance, she finds solace deep.


January 2025's Aquatic Allure: A soul caressed by water, crowned by the pearls of nature.


Rupali Saagar

Rupali Saagar, the photographer of these exquisite images of womanhood.


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