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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » Is She India's Hottest Model?

Is She India's Hottest Model?

Last updated on: March 06, 2023 10:17 IST
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Akanksha Maurya wants you to 'look her in the eye and tell what you see'.

Sass for sure. Spice. A touch of mystery.

The model chooses to focus on 'the good things in life', and her personality can be 'strong, sweet and too hot for you'. A bit like chai?

'In the winter, she curls up with a good book and dreams away the cold'. Come summer, and she brings out her ballsy wardrobe with hints of badassery. 

She is her own biggest pride and joy, and her wardrobe will be the light to your darkness.

The colour pink makes her 'happy when she is blue', and when she's not walking the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week she likes to 'eat, pray and slay'. Indeed.

IMAGE: Who does she think she in that Hero In Jeans And Boots Pose? Jackie Shroff?
Two doses of denim can never be monotonous. Not when matched with terrific nude boots and denim heart-shaped purse. And a delicate band of skin is on show.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Akanksha Maurya/Instagram


IMAGE: Glorifying the bold style ID in a parrot green mini, electric pink handbag and red lips.
Her dress is a reminder to followers that one shouldn't 'forget to eat your greens'.


IMAGE: She quotes Harry Winston 'People will stare. Give them a good show'.
Her pensive head-to-toe black look with platform shoes is certainly worth buying popcorn for. 


IMAGE: Give her a Harley Davidson, people, and the drop-dead Biker Babe look is complete.


IMAGE: Grrrr!!! Kitten in a cake shop in a leopard print wrap-around dress. 


IMAGE: Omphaloskepsis or Navel-Gazing Days are here as the trend has its top style moment or Peak Belly Button as The WSJ calls it.
Sizzling fashion isn't it?


IMAGE: Star of the BTS locale.


IMAGE: Yes, it's the 'same old her but a little more fabulous' in a blazer-dress.
"The key for me is confidence and comfort. If you are confident you can rock anything you are wearing," Akanksha tells

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