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Geetika Has A Fashion Tip For You

May 20, 2024 13:11 IST
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Photographs: Kind courtesy Geetika Vidya/Instagram

Geetika Vidya's vivacious personality reflects in her style choices. A little badass, a little flirty but very pretty. 

She has starred in Dilli Dark, School Of Lies, Tera Kya Hoga LovelyUnpaused, Thappad, Soni and will now be seen in Barah By Barah

If there is one fashion lesson you can learn from her, it's how to be comfortable in your skin. 'Show up for yourself. Always,' she advises. 

IMAGE: She beats the heat in a strappy printed dress. 


IMAGE: She continues her floral summer story with this blue and pink number. 


IMAGE: She'll choose comfort over style any day but that does not mean she'll not look funky. 


IMAGE: After chilling in the pool, she decides it's time for a quick pose :)


IMAGE: And that's how you remain both casual and classy. 


IMAGE: One for the Common Man. And Woman.


IMAGE: Geetika's collection of sunglasses deserves a special mention. 

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