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'My Father Loved Poetry And Kashmir'

Last updated on: June 16, 2024 08:58 IST
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C L Kachroo and his wife

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sunayana Kachroo

Sunayana Kachroo, a Boston-based producer, poet and film writer who was born and raised in Kashmir, remembers her father, who was passionate about books, poetry and writing.

My father, Shri C L Kachroo, was born in Kashmir a few years after India gained its independence from the British.

Hailing from those serene landscapes, he discovered his passion for literature at a tender age, immersing himself in books.

Fascinated by history and mathematics and its confluence in political science, my father found his home in books. Soon, his young mind was weaving poetry in Urdu, Kashmiri and English.

During the day, even though he was busy with school and college, he helped manage his family farms and orchards.

At the age of 19, he penned his first poem, Charcha Tera.

However, his writing career was short-lived due to family responsibilities and societal pressure.

After he started working, his writing stopped. But his reading habit continued and he became an intuitive thinker, philosopher, educator and appreciator of life's nuances.

His insights into self-discovery were profoundly shaped by a diverse array of influences, including science, history, Vedic philosophy, politics and the teachings of notable figures such as Vivekananda, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Lalleshwari, Sahir and Munshi Premchand.

He had a degree in political science, mathematics, journalism and law.

At the age of 74, he miraculously remembered the lyrics of Charcha Tera again.

Unfortunately, he passed away suddenly, just a few months short of his 75th birthday in 2023.

It was his wish to be known as a poet and a writer so we decided to fulfil it; we recorded and released his song and he finally got credit as poet and lyricist on all streaming platforms.

This year, we will release his book of poems and hope to take a copy to his homeland, Kashmir.

You can watch his song here (external link).

Thank you, Sunayana, for sharing these lovely memories of your father.


Ramesh Suvarna

Photograph: Kind courtesy Rajesh Suvarna

Rajesh Suvarna admires his father, who has always put the needs of others before himself.

I have a lot to learn from you, Daddy.

If I become even 10 percent of what you are as a Dad -- my father's name is Ramesh Suvarna -- I would consider that as a big achievement.

Yes, you were quite strict when needed but if that was not the case, I would not have become what I am today.

When you got angry, it would make us a little afraid and we would try not to repeat the same mistake again.

Although we were quite good in studies and extracurricular activities while in school, you kept emphasising that it is more important to be a good human being.

One of your prominent lines is "Humility is priceless".

For you, it is not only your immediate family but about your extended one as well. Your heart is big.

Even though we were not very rich, you kept trying to assist a lot of people; you did not think first of yourself or your comforts.

It's amazing how you are currently taking care of Mummy (she is not too well) when you yourself are quite elderly.

You are not outwardly emotional (except, maybe, when you see some movies) but the day I moved out of your house after marriage to another home, you surprisingly had tears in your eyes which was a very poignant moment for me.

You have a good voice, especially when singing old Hindi film songs.

Even today, as a retired person, you keep trying to give gifts to us and to your extended family when you could give yourself some more material comforts like an air conditioner (which you have chosen not to have in your home).

You are good with young children; it’s amazing how comfortable they are in your arms.

Thank you very, very much for all that you do for us.

May God bless you with happiness, good health, peace of mind, long life, wealth.

Thank you, Rajesh, for telling us about your wonderful father.


Father's Day

Photograph: Kind courtesy Dr DSS Srinivas Prasad

Dr D S S Srinivas Prasad explains why his father has been an inspiration to everyone.

My Dad, my hero was always an inspiration not only to me but to many others.

He was an active leader in the union for his bank.

He was fearless and fought for the genuine demands of his colleagues. At the same time, he was sincere towards his duties towards the bank and a reliable official to its customers.

After his promotion, he never forgot his roots; he worked respectfully with his subordinates and higher officials with equal respect and earned the same respect back.

He was ably supported by my Mom; she was his partner in both his personal and professional life.

As an official, I always think or try to think on his lines when it comes to in coping with subordinates, higher officials and the public (patients).

Thank you, Dad. Though you are not there in this physical world, I know that you are always there in the eternal world along with Mom, blessing me, guiding me, cheering me when I succeed and motivating me when I fail.

Dr Prasad, thank you for sharing these thoughtful memories of your father.


Dr P D Bajpai

Photograph: Kind courtesy Rajeev Bajpai

Rajeev Bajpai remembers his father, who made many sacrifices for his family.

My father, Dr P D Bajpai, was the director of agriculture in Uttar Pradesh.

His family had four brother and one sister. He made many sacrifices for his family.

My father won a gold medal from former president Dr Zakir Hussain when he earned his PhD from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi.

Due to his help, I got the President's Award from Dr A P J Abdul Kalam and a chance to spend time at NASA, California.

Now he is no more but his best wishes and blessing are with my family

Thank you, Rajeev; it was nice to hear about your father.

Share your daddy stories, and daddy pictures, with us.

Tell us what makes your father special, what makes the picture you are sending us special.

Let's celebrate our dads this Father's Day (June 16).

Write to us at (subject: Father's Day) with your name and where you are from. Don't forget to include that picture.

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