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The Coolest Daddy In The World

June 14, 2024 13:54 IST
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To share your Father's Day story with us (Father's Day will be celebrated on Sunday, June 16), just mail us at (subject: Father's Day) along with your name, the place where you live, your father's name and picture and your message about your him.

Vidhi and Dinesh Shah

IMAGE: Vidhi and her father, Dinesh Shah. Photograph: Kind courtesy Vidhi D Shah

The term 'Daddy Cool' may have been coined and popularised by The Rays but it's definitely been personified over the years by the one, the only... My Daddy!

You can spot him in a crowd you know.

If you happen to see a man, clad in jeans and a floral, Hawaiian shirt; sliders or Crocs on his feet; a couple of tattoos adorning his wrists and forearm; a traditional, Indian silver baali (earring) in his right ear, walking at the speed of a Ferrari across the station roads of Santa Cruz in Mumbai -- that's probably my daddy.

Akin to his eclectic choices, my upbringing too was absolutely informal, to say the least!

Growing up, I was the exclusive first born and only child for a good six years until a little brat came along. That called for me being a goonda, a stubborn, not-so-easy to please, outdoorsy, high-energy tomboy who got bored easily, hated pink and hated Barbie. A hands-on dad was the demand and he scored 720+/720, just like the NEET kids these days.

Vidhi and Dinesh Shah

Our bond could be summed up with various roleplays situations, as I like to call them.

1. I was his assistant when he was the holiday handyman in our home, doing odd jobs that would otherwise require the services of a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter or a mason; teaching me survival skills in the process that seemed pointless then and are lifesaving today when I stay in a different city.

2. He was, is and will forever be my bank. Irrespective of what I earn today, you'll spot me prancing around without a worry cloud over my head when he is around.

Haily, Dinesh and Vidhi

IMAGE: Haily, Dinesh and Vidhi.

3. Now that I've said the above, I also have to say I'm not a spendthrift.

I was also his sporadic helper at our shop in Santa Cruz market each time he needed my help or simply because I was bored!

Time with him there not only taught my sister and me the ropes of the business and how to build a successful one but also the fact that earning money is way more difficult than spending it.

4. He was my buddy, my entry point to the Big Boys Club!

It started off during my childhood with afternoon card games with his friends under the shade of an old banyan tree and went on to progress with him making us taste his drinks coz he wanted his teen to know what spiked drinks tasted like when I painted the town red over the weekend.

Today, we laugh over these memories while spiking each other's drinks!

Vidhi and Dinesh Shah

IMAGE: Vidhi with Dinesh on a holiday trip.

5. He is my passenger seat buddy too.

Despite the fact that he does not know how to drive and rarely ever sits in the front seat when anyone else is driving, he does it for me. And he's an exceptional companion on long drives.

6. He's also my biggest fan, my free publicist, my loudest cheerleader and official head massage therapist.

If you visit his shop, all the people in his 100 metre vicinity know about my educational qualifications, current location and latest hairstyle!

7. He's basically my 911!

Whether it's a life situation, business problem, husband drama; I know my answer does not lie with the God but with my Daddy.

To say I love him, would just be regular! He's the Munna Bhai to my Circuit, the burger to my fries... he's my main man!

Thank you Vidhi, your dad sounds simply amazing.

Wishing him a wonderful Father's Day.

Share your daddy stories, and daddy pictures, with us.

Tell us what makes your father special, what makes the picture you are sending us special.

Let's celebrate our dads this Father's Day (June 16).

Write to us at (subject: Father's Day) with your name and where you are from. Don't forget to include that picture.

We'll carry the best entries right here at


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