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Eesha Rebba Is ENCHANTING In Her Saris

July 19, 2023 09:03 IST
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It's a sari for South Indian enchantress Eesha Rebba, all the time, please.

The Tollywood actress, an MBA no less, who was born in Warangal but raised in Hyderabad, is well aware of the considerable plus points of a sari and that saris, without fail, conquer awesomely with their quiet grandeur.

Mind you, she doesn't believe in messing with the classic and adores her mother's kanjeevaram silk saris.

Consider her Instagram profile as a Master Class for youngsters in how to nail wearing one of the world's prettiest garments.

IMAGE: Psst... She's got her eyes on you.
Plain black sari and a kalamkari mehendi-coloured blouse -- gorgeous combo, Eesha.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Eesha Rebba/Instagram


IMAGE: Manapakkam vantha neeye! Yes, her darlingness would make any man blush and have a crush.
A self-confessed 'sunshine soul', via her selai (sari) dressing, she aims for simplicity and radiance.
The mogra, jimikki kammals, bindi and kajal-lined eyes give off the air of a village belle.


IMAGE: Oyee. Eesha chooses a cotton sari brimming with cheerful colours and triples the magic with a bright pink blouse.


IMAGE: Gold star! 10/10! It's how the sari sits that makes all the difference.
Her plain black chiffon number is worn so neatly. And the pleats look like poetry.


IMAGE: In her fab pink drape, she is the perfect antidote to the dull, rainy weather.
The artfully picked yellow blouse is a streak of sunlight.


IMAGE: Dear Eesha, one of your fans wants to know: 'Are you the sun? Coz you light up my world and warm my heart'.


IMAGE: 'In a world full of trends, sometimes I just want to wear something classic', she says, after donning this majestic pin-striped black sari with a gold border.


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