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Boxer Priyanka Kholgade Is A Show-Stealer

July 13, 2023 08:54 IST
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Boxing gold medallist Priyanka Kholgade is also a glamour girl.

This GG's fashion is plenty flamboyant.

"My fitness is my identity,' says the Marathi mulgi who has a warning for fans: 'Dar ke rahiyo mujhse'. Okaaay!

Mini-skirts, tube tops, denim shorts, cutout dresses are the kind of stuff she kits herself out in.

'Don't waste words on people who deserve your silence', advises the style influencer and actor whose sleek avatar on Insta is loved by her 1.1 million followers.

IMAGE: I (We) Got You Babe.
Does she wear the tee like a badge of honour?
Those strings on her mini are hypnotic.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Priyanka Kholgade/Instagram


IMAGE: When not in her boxers, she's could be the global ambassador of cropped tops and denim shorts.


IMAGE: The lead character in this outfit is the pretty midriff. The rest is not of that much consequence, except the charming footwear.


IMAGE: With Arms Wide Open and steamy in a strappy red crisscross costume that could possibly double up for swimsuit of sorts, Priyanka invites you to her 'fav island' Maya Bay in Thailand.
Bought your ticket?


IMAGE: The ending-above-the-abs top has but one purpose in life: To stop traffic.
She certainly attracts a fair share of eyeballs on the busy streets of some town in Thailand.


IMAGE: We would be smiling broader than she into the camera if we looked as good in a selfie.
Priyanka's daring aqua dress is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.


IMAGE: Life is too short for mundane bathing suits when tantalising crocheted pants over a tangerine bikini provides the rocks on a beach in Thailand with extra scenery.
Just the kind of sensation that scores hearts galore on Instagram.


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