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Pranitha Subhash's Lovely, Easy Style

June 19, 2023 10:20 IST
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If you have soaring dressing ambitions, but don't possess deep pockets or a big fat wardrobe, hope is here.

It's called Pranitha Subhash.

She's a girl who does her fashion smartly but practically and you would do well to emulate her wallet-friendly chic.

The model and popular Southern star, who was raised in Bengaluru and is a mom to adorable Arna, has a style arc that has only grown loftier over time and collected tonnes of admirers.

Pranitha is of the view that black can be 'modest and arrogant at the same time' and likes the challenge of finding the right clothes for the 'confusing Bangalore weather'.

IMAGE: Rani of the balcony in off white, looking, literally, like the cat who got the cream.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Pranitha Subhash/Instagram


IMAGE: When in doubt just Put A Bow On It, like a delicious surprise parcel.
The newly-minted mom struts ahead of the fashion game in the prettiest shade of blue.


IMAGE: Dynamite in a strapless fit in black.
Black is not an optimal heatwave colour but discard the sleeves and an up-to-the-neck bodice in a dress and you can look as chilled as a kakdi.


IMAGE: Ruff! The cropped top and its unique architecture multiplies her hotness, garnering, strangely, many a brotherly compliment from her six million Insta followers.
Yup, love works in mysterious ways.
Says one sucker-punched bro: 'Oh WOW you look so beautiful anbd lovely (too) my cute AKKA forever and ever always'.


IMAGE: More summery than summer in a flirty floral bustier that bares milky shoulders and raises nationwide temperatures.
Like we need that, Pranitha, in this blistering weather.
Any surprise that she is the ambassador of Jewels Exotica?


IMAGE: A fan of white denims, do note, fashionista log, how useful and versatile a pair is.
Pranitha gussies them up with white sneakers and black belt as she treats the streets of Tokyo as her personal runway, playing up her preference for colour-blocking.


IMAGE: She could easily become Mass Leader in her sight-to-behold silver dress!
(Incidentally Pranitha was once part of the delegation of Young South Indian Leaders that went to Israel.)
A metallic number that makes her feel 'suddenly all the love songs were about you'?

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