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Kabhi Gorgeous, Kabhi Glamorous Kusha

May 26, 2023 15:29 IST
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'Kusha ne poore Cannes ko hila diya'.

'Kusha, you're so real. So inspiring. I love you yaar.'

'Kusha at Cannes is making my girl crush on her worse.'

Digital content creator, fashion blogger and influencer Kusha Kapila's social media feed has been flooded with adoration and dizzy praise right from the moment she set the first of her elegant toes down on the famed Cannes carpet.

It's been a blur of pretty gowns and fab evening dresses for Kusha during her glam days in the Mediterranean town and her followers have occupied ringside seats online, enjoyng it vicariously, tracking her fashion progress and seeti-ing her on.

A few Kusha Cannes moments...

IMAGE: Just imagine how many lunches can be packed with all that foil :)
The acreage of superwrap was a foil -- pun intended -- for her beauty and she was told 'tumhe saara haq hai ki tum itni khoobsurat dikho'.
Psst... Is that Mouni Roy in the background?
Photographs: Kind courtesy Kusha Kapila/Instagram


IMAGE: In a gown more splendid than Queen Charlotte, Kusha would have found a place in any royal court past or present.
The Rahul Mishra beauty was about 'golden poppy flowers, two goldfish kissing bang in the middle and a mermaid-like silhouette'.
All gowns in Cannes are like enormous ships passing in the night, so long are they with their trains, capes, trailing overskirts etc-vagair, that they take a few minutes to pass.
So too was it for this ensemble of Kusha's and its far-reaching tulle-sequin-foofaraw tail.


IMAGE: The dress is a textured delight -- the rich bodice is an unravelling ball of jute and the skirt is as swirly as the terraced fields of Sikkim.
Kim Kardashian, could Kusha please borrow the pearl bustier you wore to the Met Gala?
It's probably the only thing that's missing in this complex Abhishek Sharma dress.


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