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Bridgerton's Kate Sharma: The next desi star

By Rediff Get Ahead
February 24, 2021 16:54 IST
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Meet Simone Ashley, the dusky beauty who plays Kate Sharma in the second season of Shonda Rhimes's hit Netflix show Bridgerton.

All photographs: Kind courtesy Ashley Simone/Instagram

Marie Claire calls her the 'newest belle around town' and everyone on social media wants to know who is Simone Ashley.

The 25 year old plays Anthony Bridgerton's (Jonathan Bailey) love interest Kate Sharma in the second season of Bridgerton.

Just like her smart, headstrong character from the Netflix hit, she can't take no for an answer, especially when it comes to her career.

While her family seemed pretty unsure of her career choice, Simone was certain that she has taken the right decision. 

'They (her parents) still find it quite scary and unsettling. There is no crystal ball, no security, no guarantee.

'Which can be a parents' worst nightmare. But they know I'm a smart lady,' she revealed in an interview with Veylex.

'You can't spend your life going with what your parents want, or your friends, teachers, lovers, want.

'You have to be your own hero and just go with your gut.

'It can be hard for my parents to understand that sometimes, but I just try to empathise with them and reassure them that I'm going to be fine.'

An animal lover and foodie, Simone played Olivia Hanan in the comedy Sex Education.

She featured in Pokemon Detective Pikachu (2019), Boogie Man (2018) and Kill Ben Lyk (2018).

Here's presenting 5 things you must know about the Next Big Desi Actress:

1. She is Bridgerton's first Asian star

IMAGE: Showrunner Shonda Rhimes created a stir with the colour netural casting in Bridgerton, which is set in the England of the 1800s.
Take a bow Simone, for you have truly made history.
Bridgerton found its first South Asian leading lady in Simone, who has Tamil roots.


2. She hopes to send across a strong message to dusky Indian women

IMAGE: Harper Bazaar India's June 2020 cover girl, Simone wants dark-skinned women to embrace their colour.
In an interview with the mag, she said: 'Donate, sign petitions, protest, speak up.
'And hey, it's 2020, a message to all dark skinned desi girls, put down that fairness cream, you don't need it.'


3. She is an animal lover

IMAGE: Simone's Instagram page is full of pics of her adorable furry friends -- she never misses an opportunity to pose with them.
She recently posted a video of herself running on the beach along with her dog and said that is what makes her happy.


4. She has GREAT taste in fashion

IMAGE: From rocking one-shoulder dresses and knotted tops, to sporting fabulous eye make up and those gorgeous curls, Simone is a fashionista anyone would love to copy.


5. Her father inspired her love for music

IMAGE: 'Growing up the record player was always playing rock n roll tunes, or Bob Marley, and the TV always had epic movies on, like Kill Bill,' Simone shared in an interview.
'It's a bit ironic, I grew up in a household full of Indian academics, you know, the doctors, the engineers, the accountants -- it's pretty cliche!
'I was never a budding academic, and always thrived in creative fields.
'I have such a deep love for music. I listen to everything and anything! But I grew up listening to a lot of rock n roll, that's due to my father.'

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