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End Colourism! Beauty tells Bollywood

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: July 16, 2020 13:21 IST
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'We ask Bollywood to see the writing on the wall, acknowledge their responsibility, and get on the right side of history.'

Diipa Khosla

IMAGE: 'We should not let other people's perceptions define us. We were made to be ourselves and not the idea of what everyone else considers normal or beautiful,' Diipa Khosla says sharing this photograph where she models for Begani Jewels. Photographs, Video: Kind courtesy Diipa Khosla/Instagram

International model and fashion influencer Diipa Khosla has launched an online petition asking individuals, industries and brands to stand up against colour bias and challenge beauty standards across the world.

#EndColourism (external link) invites people across the world to post a photograph with normal skin colour against an alerted, photoshopped, picture with a brighter skin tone. To raise awareness about skin colour bias.

Diipa Khosla talks about end colourism campaign

Recalling her experiences growing up in New Delhi, Diipa reveals how she was bullied for her skin colour.

'Growing up in India, I was constantly faced with comments and bitter remarks reminding me that I was the 'darker one' in the family,' she remembers.

'This led me to believe I needed to change myself, that I was inferior and more importantly, unworthy.'

'I know when I say this that I am not alone and that there are millions of people that experience the same torment as I once did,' Dipa notes on Instagram.

'As a now proud brown woman, I can only hope to spread the importance of self-acceptance to those who are still on their journey towards self-love,' says the 29-year-old influencer.

'I'm honored to announce a project that I've been working on for a while with passion. Together with our non-profit organisation @post.for.change, we will launch our newest campaign to #ENDCOLORISM,' she declares.



Diipa Khosla

Although brands like Unilever, Johnson & Johnson and L'OreĢal have removed the concept of 'fairness' from their whitening products, Diipa feels 'the underlying reason why people feel the need to look 'whiter' is still not addressed.'

'We are calling on the trendsetters of Indian culture -- Bollywood and all major media outlets -- to recognise their role and responsibility and take a pledge to end Colorism.'

'Beauty standards are created in these industries and heavily influence what many consider beautiful and what not.'

'For decades colorism has proliferated as a result of the promotion of lighter-skinned and whitewashed models, heroines, and heroes that perpetuate the idea that fair skin is superior,' Diipa says.

'By signing our petition, we collectively ask Bollywood and the Media industry to see the writing on the wall, acknowledge their responsibility, and get on the right side of history.'

'With your signature, with your voice, with our petition, we will ask them to take a pledge and CHANGE BEAUTY STANDARDS to be more INCLUSIVE and REPRESENTATIVE of all our world's beautiful colors.'

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