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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Cricket » 'Kohli should have a breather'

'Kohli should have a breather'

By Rediff Cricket
May 28, 2022 17:18 IST
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'He just needs a breather. Go and get some time with your family.'

Virat Kohli

Photograph: Kind courtesy BCCI TV

Virat Kohli ended the IPL 2022 season with 341 runs in 16 matches. It is his lowest run tally since 2010, except for the 2017 season in which he played only 10 matches and scored 308 runs.

His poor form led to Ravi Shastri saying that Kohli needs to take a break from the game and former England captain Michael Vaughan said the same after RCB's campaign ended with a seven-wicket defeat to the Rajasthan Royals in the second qualifier.

'He is a legendary player who is going through a phase that is not too easy. Two or three years ago you just turned on the telly or arrived at the ground and knew that Virat was going to score a hundred. He just went through one of those periods where every time he batter he seemed to get a hundred. It's a career, isn't it? You don't go through your whole career where everything is so easy,' Vaughan said on Cricbuzz.

'He just needs a breather. Go and get some time with your family, get on the plane to England and then start to hit some balls again.'

'These players have played so much and they are under so much pressure every day of their lives that it is inevitable that eventually, you go through a period where you struggle a little. He is too good a player not to bounce back and he will have one of those periods again which we saw a few years ago where he got so many centuries.'

'It is just that little bit harder at the minute and he has got to work so hard to get back into form. But I think at the minute, he should just pack his bat into his bag and go and a sit-down with the family.'

'I don't know where he can go without getting hassled and pestered, doing commercials,' said Vaughan. 'Just get away from all that, have a few weeks of chilling and he will be fresh when he picks the bat up.'

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