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August 31, 2007
Supernatural series: 'I saw my grandpa's ghost'
We invited our readers to send in stories of firsthand supernatural experiences. Read on for some thrills and chills!

10 tips to get over heartbreak
Here are some tried and tested ways to get over that failed relationship.

August 29, 2007
Does your child watch too much TV?
Child counsellor Rupal Patel advises parents on how to control their children's TV-watching habits.

August 28, 2007
Bungle the burglars: Keeping your home safe
It's time to stop hiding the house keys in the flower pot by the front door! Here's a few tips to keep your home safe from burglars.

August 27, 2007
What does Raksha Bandhan mean to you?
Are you eager to get that band around your wrist? That band that symbolises love and support. Here's what some young people had to say about this ancient holiday.

August 24, 2007
'If a wife earns more than her husband, they should divorce'
We asked our readers what they thought of a woman earning more than her partner. Here are some of their responses.

The secret behind balanced skin colour and tone
Scientists may have discovered what it takes to boast flawless skin.

Calorie counter: Is mutter paneer a healthy choice?
Get Ahead diet expert Samreedhi Goel analyses the fat content of three ever-popular dishes.

August 23, 2007
Keeping silent during marital spats could kill the wife
Research indicates that a wife's non-retaliative stance in a spat with her spouse could prove deadly for her.

Tips to beat low-energy days
So, it's that kind of day again? You could barely manage to get out of bed and you're dagging your feet as you walk out of the house? Here's help.

August 22, 2007
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Do you think that love at first sight is possible or plausible? Tell us what you think.

Are cartoons wrecking your child's diet?
With fast food giants using cartoon heroes to grab kids' attention towards their products, worried parents are now calling for a ban on this trend.

How to cope with your spouse's illness
Handling a spouse's illness is like an emotional battle with additional wars like finances, and juggling work and the family. Here's some advice on how to cope.

August 21, 2007
Gym not helping? Blame your genes
Slaving away in the gym might just be a waste of time for many, for one in every six persons doesn't get any benefit from it in shedding weight or toning the body.

August 17, 2007
Your unborn child may be addicted to junk food
Researchers say it is possible for children in the womb to become addicted to their mothers' junk food intake.

August 16, 2007
Do you suffer frequent headaches?
If you're tired of that throbbing pain in your head, here's what you should do to get rid of it.

August 13, 2007
Stay healthy, sit up straight
A new study in the UK has found that bad posture plays a significant role in increasing blood pressure.

August 10, 2007
Stress can make a mess of your mouth
Researchers speculate that the hormone cortisol may play a role in the possible connection between stress and periodontal diseases.

Can your relationship survive the night shift?
For any employee who works in shifts, coping with the disruption of normal sleep patterns is tough, so it is easy to imagine the chaos for a couple in which both partners work in shifts. Here's how to cope.

August 09, 2007
Drink milk after workouts to gain muscle and lose fat
A glass of milk after sweating it out at the gym may be beneficial if you're looking to gain muscle and burn fat.

August 08, 2007
Breastfeeding: A working mother's dilemma
Doctors tell mothers to nurse their babies exclusively on breast milk for four to six months. However, many companies offer only three months paid maternity leave for a working mom.

August 06, 2007
Breastfeeding fears laid to rest
Many young mothers have certain misgivings when it comes to breastfeeding their babies. Here we address some common complaints.

August 03, 2007
Monsoon rejuvenation using Ayurvedic treatments
Ayurveda believes in preventing diseases. Here are a few ways to rejuvenate yourself using ayurvedic treatments during this monsoon.

Breastfeeding FAQs for the first-time mother
Dr Arun Gupta, of the Breastfeeding Promotion Network if India, answers questions commonly asked by breastfeeding moms.

Stressful jobs double depression, anxiety risk
Researchers found that 45 per cent of the new cases of depression and anxiety could be attributed to high pressure jobs, which involve long hours, non-negotiable deadlines and a high volume of work.

August 02, 2007
Why you should breastfeed your baby
Breastfed infants are known to grow into healthy children. A few of the many benefits of breastfeeding are presented here.

August 01, 2007
A healthy breakfast for a healthier you
Did you know that a healthy breakfast will enable you to lose weight faster than most? Read on to find out more.

'Life lessons I learned from my roomies'
GA reader Gurubaran Thanigaivel shares the life lessons he learnt from living with roommates.

July 31, 2007
How to impress the opposite sex
If mouthing off that famous line, 'Aati kya Khandala?' has earned you enough black eyes, read these readers' tips on how to make a good impression.

Is your child a bully?
Child counsellor Rupal Patel explains how parents can curb a child who throws his/ her weight around with peers.

July 30, 2007
Do you carry a cellphone as a status symbol?
Do you acquire items to make the most of their utility, or is it because you want to boost your social standing with a status symbol?

Yo-yo dieting between pregnancies is a no-no
This is particularly relevant to present times, as women are being bombarded with mixed messages about diet, weight and body image.

July 27, 2007
Live-in relationships: 'Better than a loveless marriage'
Some of the most interesting responses from our reader invite.

Anger management problem? Seek help
Do you have trouble dealing with feelings of anger and sadness? Learn how to cope.

July 26, 2007
'I live in a haunted house'
GA reader Rhys Pollitt shares the mysterious goings-on in his house after sundown.

'I lost 11 kilos by eating right'
Twenty-three year old GA reader Akshat shares how he lost weight by striking a balance between exercise and diet

July 25, 2007
Life lessons from Dr Kalam
This is what Sachin Lele has learnt from the person he thinks has been one of India's most interesting leaders in recent times.

'My dead wife conveyed her wish to me'
Get Ahead reader Atul Modi speaks of a supernatural experience after the death of his wife.

Do you live with your in-laws?
While young couples today prefer to move out on their own, joint families are still not quite a thing of the past. Sherin Mammen explores the changing dynamics in this regard.

'My roommates were like family'
GA reader Aazhi Aadhan tells us about the deep friendship he shared with his roomies.

July 24, 2007
Excessive cola intake linked to heart disease
NRI docs have found that both regular and diet colas can increase the risk of heart disease.

Do you believe in ghosts?
We invite readers to share firsthand experiences of the supernatural with us.

Rejection: 'My mother-in-law spoiled my life'
An anonymous Get Ahead reader sends in a heart-wrenching story of rejection. Her husband, mother-in-law and sister-in-law conspire against her and eventually have her ousted from their home.

July 23, 2007
Facing up to your kids' sexual activities
Like it or not, the fact remains that your teenaged son or daughter most likely indulges in sex. Here's how to deal with the situation.

July 20, 2007
Fun ways of dealing with telesales calls
Are you fed up of answering phone calls asking whether you're interested in a new credit card or personal loan? Here's a few ways of dealing with them.

Do you suffer from a phobia?
Do you have an irrational fear of heights, or of spiders? Chances are you're suffering from a phobia -- read on to learn more

July 19, 2007
'How I won the war against FAT'
GA reader Hardeep Singh shares how he lost 18 kilos in a matter of months.

July 18, 2007
Do you use your cellphone while driving?
Do you use your cellphone while in the driver's seat? And we don't mean just making calls -- we're talking SMSes too!

Ever had trouble with your in-laws?
We invite readers to share their stories of problems with their in-laws and advice on how to overcome them.

Four tales of rejection and lost love
Four readers write in with tales of broken hearts, broken promises and broken marriages.

Teach your kids about the dignity of labour
Is your child respectful towards your maidservant, the garbage collector and the night watchman? If not, it's time for a lesson on the dignity of labour.

July 17, 2007
Are you open to live-in relationships?
Do you think that live-in relationships make sense in today's world, or are they for the morally depraved? Tell us what you think.

'My roommate stole from me'
A GA reader shares how his roommate ran up expenses worth lakhs by stealing his credit cards.

July 16, 2007
How well do you know your neighbours?
Do you live in a friendly neighbourhood where everybody knows your name? If you do, you're lucky -- such close-knit ties with those next door are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

July 13, 2007
Ban that acne, banish those wrinkles
All it takes is a few simple face packs you can put together in your own kitchen.

When womanisers fall in love
Some girls want a knight, some a night. You have to play your cards with 007ian self-assurance, leaping from cad to cardinal in a heartbeat, says our homegrown eternal romantic, Don Jawan.

July 12, 2007
Persistent headache? Check your blood pressure
Hectic lifestyles and undisciplined eating habits are causing more young people to fall prey to hypertension. Here's what you need to know about this silent disease.

'I've gone from overweight to fit again'
GA reader Kunal Mehta shares how he managed to control his weight.

July 11, 2007
15 ways to be a better mom
Child counsellor Rupal Patel has a few parenting tips for mommies. Read on to learn how to handle your kids.

'My roommates were darlings'
Get Ahead reader Janaki D discusses her experiences living with roommates.

July 10, 2007
Netiquette: What not to do online
Some golden rules to remember when communicating online.

July 06, 2007
Does your wife earn more than you?
Deepti Dadlani examines the concept that a husband should earn more than his wife, and provides tips on how to deal with such a situation.

July 05, 2007
'I dropped 10 kilos in three months'
GA reader Umesh B Sethia shares how he shed 10 kilos by simply streamlining his daily schedule.

Minimise the effects of peer pressure on your kids
Child counsellor Rupal Patel discusses the effect peer pressure can have on your children, and explains how to deal with it.

July 04, 2007
The quick fix: Court marriages
Thinking of a court marriage? Here's everything you need or want to know.

'My roomies saw me through'
GA reader Vishal Kumar shares his experience of living with roommates.

July 03, 2007
5 diseases to be wary of this monsoon
The monsoon brings with it a host of illnesses. Here are some of the most common diseases you should be aware of.

July 02, 2007
Interfaith marriages: Celebrating diversity
Every relationship requires communication and trust. Nevertheless, interfaith marriages have a few more challenges to face than couples of the same faith.

July 02, 2007
Should colleges enforce dress codes?
Do you think colleges should enforce dress codes on students, or do they have the right to wear what they please, now they are young adults? We invite readers to discuss

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