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March 31, 2005

Red grapes, the new cancer cure!
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers have claimed that eating flavanoid-rich red grapes can reduce the growth of an enzyme that triggers growth of cancer cells in the human body.

Why schedule cricket matches during exams?
The new fighting spirit towards the game apart, why run a major cricket series during the examination season?

March 30, 2005

The secrets of live-in relationships!
New research suggests men and women derive satisfaction from their spouse's happiness unlike those people who live together without getting married.

March 29, 2005

What your ringtone says about you!
Your choice of ringtone can say a lot about your personality, says new research.

Do you know what's best for your child?
When it comes to caring for your baby's skin, be aware. Proper knowledge can help avoid several problems which could make your baby uncomfortable.

March 28, 2005

How safe are mobile phones?
When you make and receive calls on your cell phone, you are being exposed to radiation. Implement these simple safety measures.

Important truths about vegetables!
It is just as important to choose and handle your vegetables carefully as it is to store and cook them.

March 24, 2005

Everyday health hazards. Beware!
A study of common household dust shows there are dangerous chemicals that leach from everyday products.

Chocolate: the new solution for blood pressure?
Dr Claudio Ferri and his colleagues at the University of L'Aquila in Italy states that chocolate could have therapeutic value. Do Indian doctors agree?

March 23, 2005

Children must compete!
President A P J Abdul Kalam believes children should be encouraged to compete as it allows the blossoming of their creative genius.

Premarital sex high among youth today!
Young adults who take a vow of virginity as adolescents are as likely to be infected with sexually transmitted diseases as those who don't, says a new research.

March 22, 2005

Now, go on electric dates!
Know what your date is feeling, with a new device that wires up cutlery with electrodes, which can pick up emotions.

A good heart = 15 mins of laughter!
New research says 30 minutes of exercise three times a week and 15 minutes of laughter on a daily basis is good for the vascular system.

March 21, 2005

The secret to good health forever!
A new study suggests that physical activity in your 30s leads to fitness in old age.

Is your child eating junk food? Beware!
Parents must be careful about what they feed their children, and guard against junk food.

Hot slimming tip: eat yoghurt!
New research suggests that eating yoghurt helps you lose weight.

March 17, 2005

Tomato sauce can reduce cancer risk!
Tomato sauce, it seems, has a special chemical ingredient that can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer.

Got a sweet tooth? Go herbal!
Diabetics and health-conscious people can rejoice! This Lucknow sweet shop makes healthy, tasty sweets.

March 15, 2005

The biggest makeover in television history!
Or is it? Does Jassi warrant all the excitement of television's most eagerly awaited makeover, asks Kishore Singh

Diet dos and don'ts for diabetics!
Dietitians Priya Khanna and Seema Tarneja suggest foods that you must include and those you must exclude.

March 14, 2005

Diabetics: Heed these diet tips!
Diabetitians Priya Khanna and Seema Tarneja say you need a good diabetic meal plan and exercise to control your blood-glucose levels and general well-being.

March 08, 2005

GA Fitness: Abs
Get that perfectly shaped stomach. Fitness trainer Samreedhi Sharma tells you how.

March 07, 2005

Myths and facts on perfect abs!
Fitness trainer Samreedhi Sharma dispels some myths about abs.

March 03, 2005

Drink coffee. Stop liver cancer?
Studies indicate that those who drank one to two cups of coffee a day were likely to be protected against liver cancer. This increased when coffee consumption increased to, say, three to four cups a day.

March 01, 2005

Does your child believe in God?
If you do not believe in God, how do you give your children an idea of God, asks Zelda Pande.


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