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June 29, 2007
Afternoon naps may harm your kids
Researchers have found that an afternoon nap could be harmful to your child's health. Read on to find out more.

'My roomie, the spy'
Get Ahead reader Huzaifa Das shares his experience with a mysterious roommate.

June 28, 2007
Rejection: 'Two years later, am still waiting for her answer'
Readers detail rejection in its multiple forms, including some advice on how to handle it if it happens to you!

June 27, 2007
'I lost 16 kilos without exercise!'
GA reader Rohit Daga shares how disciplined eating habits can help you lose weight.

Pregnancy fears laid to rest
Is bleeding in your first month of pregnancy a sign of trouble? Do past miscarriages affect mothers-to-be? Lay all your fears to rest with answers to these questions and more.

June 26, 2007
Are you fed up of cinema hall nuisances?
We invite readers who've been at the receiving end of inconsiderate behaviour in cinema halls to share their experiences and advice.

Detox therapy: The pros and cons
Kanchana Banerjee found that the benefits of detox therapies far outweigh the temporary discomfort.

Make your diet work for you!
Fitness consultant and nutritionist Samreedhi Goel shares how to balance diet with exercise.

June 25, 2007
Spanking your kids could land you in jail
The Union ministry of women and child development wants to outlaw physical abuse of children. We invite Get Ahead readers to share their opinions on the subject.

Fad diets: A long-term weight loss solution?
Samreedhi Goel advises GA readers on the right way to go about losing weight.

Glowing skin is just a face pack away
Five face packs to keep your skin's healthy glow.

Breast implants: Indian women go the Barbie way
India's metros have seen a 20 percent increase in the number of breast enhancing treatments this past year -- we take a look at the physical, emotional and financial implications of such a surgery.

June 22, 2007
Weight loss plan for junk food lovers
GA reader Deven Mehta shares how he lost 20 kilos, without quitting fast food!

Closing in on holes in the heart -- finally!
The paediatric cardiac team at the Max Heart and Vascular Institute, Delhi, successfully tested a new form of treatment for Early Eisenmenger Syndrome, caused by a hole in the heart

June 21, 2007
Want healthy bones? Calcium tablets may not help
Calcium from diet is generally better absorbed, as compared to calcium supplements.

June 20, 2007
Is your infant on antibiotics?
Children who have been given antibiotics before the first birthday have an increased risk of developing asthma.

Want to look younger? Give up sugar
According to dermatologist Dr Fredric Brandt, removing anything sweet from your diet can make a person look 10 years younger.

June 19, 2007
Weak in maths? Blame your sleep pattern
Research suggests that sleep disorders may cause students to have more trouble academically than their peers.

How excessive attention and goodies spoil your kids
Is it possible to have your little brat start to behave like an angel? Child psychologist Rupal Patel explains how to avoid spoiling your child.

What's your stress-busting mantra?
We want to know how you do away with stress -- do you sit around sulking, do you shout it out, or do you simply swallow your feelings and cope?

June 18, 2007
The dangers of multi-tasking
Even habitual multi-tasking may overexcite the brain, rendering it unable to focus properly.

Say goodbye to dull, dry skin
Do you suffer from dry skin? Here are some face packs sure to bring back that smooth and healthy glow.

'My roommates didn't trust me'
Get Ahead reader Dr Ram Deshmukh shares the tale of rooming with fellow Indians in the UK, where he was studying and is now currently employed.

June 15, 2007
Why dads are important!
Father's day is on June 17. We invite readers to send in their special message for their dad.

When someone breaks your heart...
How do you deal with a situation where you've been rejected? How can you hold your head high and move on with your life?

Thirsty? Water is not enough
length And look beyond plain old water.

June 14, 2007
Just say no -- nicely!
One of the most difficult aspects of dating, undoubtedly, is rejecting an unwanted advance -- particularly when you don't wnat to hurt the other person.

Are you responsible for your child's poor marks?
Every parent copes with a feeling of disappointment when their children fail to do well in their board exams. But, before blame your child, ask yourself as a parent -- where did you go wrong?

June 13, 2007
'My roommates made me cry'
Get Ahead reader Gaurav Kumar says the days he spent with his roommates in Hyderabad were some of the best days of his life.

'I lost 14 kilos in three months'
Get Ahead reader Debabrata Khan shares how he went from weighing 90 kg to 76 kg in a matter of months.

Eating right, the yogic way
Eating the right kind of food, chewing well and concentrating on your meal as you eat it makes a huge difference to your health, say yoga experts.

June 12, 2007
Roommate heaven or roommate hell?
Is your roommate an angel from up above or the devil in disguise? Tell us your story!

The facts behind fad diets
Nutritionist and personal trainer Samreedhi Goel analyses some of the most popular fad diets, and assesses just how healthy and beneficial they are for you.

Smart tips to beat the sweltering heat
As we burn under this year's HOT summer, here are some easy tips to help you combat some common heat-related problems.

June 11, 2007
Oily skin solutions that work
Oily T-zone getting you down? Maybe you should try a face pack. Here are five packs specially for those suffering from an oily complexion.

Is your make-up SAFE?
Expired make-up is a hotbed of bacteria.

Must read for mothers wanting bright kids
"A child can begin learning a language from the third month, gain encyclopedic knowledge from the sixth month, understand mathematics from the ninth month and learn the basis of education within a year," says infant education expert Revathi Sankara.

June 07, 2007
'50 kilos lost in a year's time'
Get Ahead reader Rishi Sharma discusses how he lost an amazing 50 kilos in the span of one year.

June 06, 2007
Can walking make you healthier, happier, wiser?
The PM tells us to live simpler and waste less, so step out of your car and walk.

June 05, 2007
'My way from 84 kilos to 68 kilos'
An inspiring story of how Get Ahead reader Subramnaian H K got rid of his excess weight.

Are you rain ready?
The monsoons are upon us, and it's time to gear up your home, your car and yourself for the season!

June 04, 2007
When three is a crowd!
Is a third person the source of constant annoyance when it comes to spending quality time with your partner? You're not alone!

June 01, 2007
'How I lost 30 kilos'
Get Ahead reader Lalit Karamchandani lost a massive 30 kilos in three weeks. He tells us how.

Want a good workout? Go shoe shopping
Trying on a pair of heels makes a woman's pulse rate nearly double -- to 120 beats per minute.

May 31, 2007
Is lying to parents for privacy ethical?
In Part II of this special on privacy for couples in India, we look at more responses from youngsters. Is it worth lying to your parents? What are the emotional and ethical costs of lying?

May 30, 2007
Young couples and their privacy problems
Matthew Schneeberger spoke to a few young couples regarding privacy issues in Indian cities -- here's what they had to say!

May 30, 2007
Is your inbox crammed with spam?
Get Ahead invites readers to share their methods and means of dealing with the junk emails problem.

May 29, 2007
When your child misbehaves socially
Do your child's play-dates always end up in a fight? Does he/ she throw tantrums on shopping trips? Child psychologist Rupal Patel discusses how to deal with such social situations.

May 28, 2007
Appliances you'd throw out of the bedroom to imporve your relationship!
Does your spouse watch television before bed each night, when you'd rather make conversation? Tell us about which appliances you'd like to throw out of the bedroom to improve your relationship!

Pregnant? Eat apples and fish
Apple and fish intake during pregnancy may reduce asthma or allergies in young children.

Does your child throw tantrums in public?
Do you scold your child in front of others for throwing a tantrum in public? Child psychologist Rupal Patel says you may actually be encouraging such behaviour.

May 25, 2007
'I lost 11 kilos in two months'
Get Ahead reader Anuj Thakur shares his inspiring weightloss story with us.

May 24, 2007
Summer care for your hair
Is the heat getting to your hair? Here are a few tips on how to keep your mane healthy all through the sweltering summer.

May 23, 2007
10 pregnancy myths busted
Do you believe that heartburn in pregnant women indicates the baby will have a lot of hair? Read on to find out the truth behind this, and other pregnancy related myths!

May 21, 2007
When work keeps one parent on the move
Child psychologist and parent counsellor Rupal Patel discusses single parenthood of a different kind -- when one parent is constantly travelling due to work-related issues.

'I used to be fat'
We invite our readers to share their weight loss stories with us, and help others struggling with their weight succeed.

Is your cell phone safe?
A look at the increasing problem of cell phone security. Between hackers and lost phones, you have a lot to worry about! Read how to protect yourself.

May 18, 2007
Healthy eating for pregnant moms-to-be
Parul Patni discusses dieting do's and don'ts for expecting mothers.

May 17, 2007
Why your child needs 'free play'
Kanchan Maslekar explores how vital it is for kids to indulge in playtime regularly.

May 15, 2007
'Treat your in-laws like your parents'
Get Ahead reader K Deepthi tells us about the best advice her mom ever gave her.

May 11, 2007
What motherhood means to you
With Mother's Day coming up on May 13, we invite young mothers to send in stories of how motherhood has affected their lives.

May 10, 2007
'Every problem can be tackled'
Kunjal Vaidya recounts her mother's courageous journey from widowhood to a happily settled life as a grandmother.

May 09, 2007
Back pain during pregnancy?
Stretching exercises and acupuncture could help relieve back and pelvic pain that often occur during pregnancy.

The best advice Mom ever gave you
Mother's Day special: We invite readers to contribute stories about the best advice their mothers ever gave them.

May 08, 2007
What a child's health check-up involves
It's important to keep tabs on your child's health. Here's how to go about it.

Want to lose weight? Have soup
A recent study shows that people who have low calorie soup before a meal tend to reduce their total calorie intake by 20 percent.

May 04, 2007
Calorie counter: Chocolate pudding vs fruitcake
Get Ahead diet expert Samreedhi Goel gives you the lowdown on popular desserts.

The best position for breastfeeding
A recent study revealed that babies' natural feeding reflexes started off more easily when the mothers were lying down.

Domestic violence increases asthma risk
"Our study suggests a new method for identifying stress-induced episodes and also reveals another terrible health risk of domestic violence," says lead researcher S V Subramanian.

May 03, 2007
Considering a water birth?
The concept of delivering a baby by the 'water birth' method is slowly finding a foothold in India. To learn more about it, read on.

Want to reduce stress? Eat pistachios
"The relaxation of blood vessels after the 3-ounce pistachio diet likely reduced the workload on the heart," says Dr Sheila G West.

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