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World's best body painting artists show off their artistry

August 29, 2019 08:25 IST
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No, this is not the next casting for the Avatar sequel.

These are the colourful women taking part in the International Body Painting Festival in Daegu, South Korea. The festival is the largest in the field of body painting and introduces the art form to thousands of visitors each year.

All photographs: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images


You couldn't blame anyone for not keeping eye contact with these models!

Is she an angel or an alien? We can't decide, but she is gorgeous.

After hours and hours of make-up, this model looks out of this world.

The carefully thought out colour themes give off distinct impressions to the onlooker.

Inspired by the Victorian age, are we?

Beautiful wings, catty talons... There is so much to choose from.

With such exquisite wings, this model resembles a bird of paradise.

This model leaves little to the imagination as all that stands between her and the onlooker is a thin coat of paint.

We are left speechless by this model.

A body is painted with many different materials and techniques.

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