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Apharan 2 Review

March 18, 2022 12:09 IST
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Arunoday Singh shines in this wickedly funny crime thriller, observes Namrata Thakker.

Apharan 2: Sabka Katega Dobara is a modern-day masala entertainer, high on humour and nostalgia.

The show revolves around Rudra Srivastava (Arunoday Singh), who plays a cop and is recruited by R&AW for a covert operation in Siberia.

Rudra, whose personal life is in shambles, is hellbent on resigning from his post, but he caves when a R&AW agent blackmails him into saying yes to the secret mission.

When Rudra reaches Siberia, he learns the covert operation isn't what it seems.

The angry young cop is sent to kill BBS, a wanted criminal.

At least that's what he has been told.

But as the story progresses, it becomes evident that the mission is a trap laid out for Rudra himself.


Story wise, Apharan 2 doesn't offer anything extraordinary. Yet, it packs a solid punch because of its treatment and execution.

Kudos to the writers for building the suspense until the climax.

Since the episodes are hardly 20 minutes long, the makers have managed to keep the show crisp and engaging.

Yes, the story does get boring when it heads into flashback to explore Rudra's love life, but otherwise, the crime thriller does not disappoint.

Arunoday Singh shines throughout the show with good support from the rest of the cast.

As Rudra, he draws you in and keep you hooked to the story.

Every time he lands in trouble, Rudra's voiceover takes over and we hear his witty commentary which adds zing to his character.

His interpretation of an angry-young macho man from the 1990s is quite apt.

He fights, he loves and doesn't mince words.

Nidhi Singh, who plays Arunoday's wife, plays her part well.

But it's Saanand Verma and Snehil Dixit Mehra who deliver impressive performances. They are bang on with their comic timing and up the humour quotient.

Overall, Apharan 2 is funny, interesting and a good weekend binge-watch.

If you enjoyed season one, you won't regret the second season.

Apharan 2 streams on Voot Select.

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