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Should Armaan Have Slapped Vishal? VOTE!

Source: ANI
July 08, 2024 13:11 IST
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It was an angry weekend on Bigg Boss OTT 3 as a heated argument broke out between contestants Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey.

The latter had spoken about Armaan's wife Kritika, saying, 'Kritika bhabhi mujhe bohut acchi lagti hai (I like Kritika a lot).'

He later added, 'I like Kritika and feel guilty about it.'


Later, during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Armaan's other wife, Payal, who had been evicted from the show, made a guest appearance.

She confronted Vishal about his remarks, saying, 'You're talking about a mother and a wife and you need to respect that. What you said about Kritika is wrong.'

Host Anil Kapoor also condemned Vishal's comments.

In his defence, Vishal maintained that his remarks were innocent and he did not mean to offend. 

When Payal left, Armaan confronted Vishal, leading to a heated exchange of words.

Vishal sought validation from another contestant, Lovekesh Kataria, who confirmed Vishal's statement.

This escalated the fight, resulting in Armaan slapping Vishal.

Meanwhile, Vishal's sister Neha Pandey has supported her brother through a social media post: 'I firmly believe my brother has done nothing wrong. He did not humiliate anyone, nor did he say anything inappropriate or have any ill intentions behind his comment. His genuine compliment was unfortunately misunderstood by Payal and Arman.

'As a family, we stand by him wholeheartedly. We trust him and know his character well. Every woman feels safe around him and we see that Vishal has our full support.

'With his pure heart and intentions, it's clear that Arman does not deserve to stay on the show. He owes my brother a public apology and Bigg Boss should take strict action by removing him from the show.'

Did Vishal Deserve To Get Slapped By Armaan? VOTE!

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Source: ANI