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Rakhi Sawant will reveal ALL in Bigg Boss

Last updated on: December 09, 2020 12:34 IST
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'I called Salman Khan's brother Sohail and requested him to put me in Bigg Boss so that I can revive my career.'
'I told him that I need work and I don't want to get into depression.'

Former em>Bigg Boss contestants return as Challengers to take on the present housemates and spice up the show.

While Kashmera Shah is grateful for her second chance, Rakhi Sawant wants to reveal her "painful" story on Bigg Boss.

Rakhi, who is quarantined in a hotel before entering the show, tells Senior Contributor Rajul Hegde, "Meri zindagi jeeteji narak bangayi."

Five challengers -- Arshi Khan, Manu Punjabi, Vikas Gupta, Rahul Mahajan and Kashmera Shah -- have already entered Bigg Boss. When are you entering the house?

I was shooting for a Web series in Lucknow.

I came back to Mumbai four days ago and underwent a COVID-19 test.

Fortunately, I was tested negative, so I shot for Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan and the contestants.

But following Bigg Boss rules, I have been quarantined in the hotel and will stay here for a few more days and then enter the house.

IMAGE: Rakhi Sawant with Vikas Gupta on Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar.

You have been wanting to go inside the house again for the longest time.

Yes. I have been performing on Bigg Boss until the eighth season, but I never got an opportunity to go inside the house after the first season, where I was a contestant.

This season, the makers felt that the ex-contestants should get a chance to be part of the house as contestants and play the game to win the trophy.

Mere atma 14 saal se batak rahi thi Bigg Boss trophy jitne ke liye (my soul was roaming around for 14 years to win the Bigg Boss trophy).

Thank God! I finally got an opportunity!

Ab mera Mahabharata yudh shooru hoga andhar.

Plus, my career has not been doing so well and I hope to bounce back after the show.

I hope Bollywood will consider me again.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Rakhi Sawant/Instagram

Did you approach the makers for Bigg Boss?

I called Salman Khan's brother Sohail and requested him to put me in Bigg Boss so that I can revive my career.

I told him that I need work and I don't want to get into depression.

I want to thank Sohailbhai for conveying my message to Salman.

What is your game plan to win the trophy?

I can do anything to win the trophy.

I am going to play a game in such a way that my name doesn't come up in the nominations.

I will use Chanukya neethi, laati toot bhi jayegi aur awaz bhi nahi ayegi.

When I debuted in the first season, I was naive and didn't understand the game.

Plus, we were confused about which side of our personality should be revealed.

Now it is different.

We have been given full liberty.

I understand the game better now.

I will be friends with everyone, but parde ka peche sabka dushman banugee.

Yes I will be like Shakuni mama, mein paasa pathungi,

IMAGE: Rakhi Sawant as a contestant in the first Bigg Boss season.

You and Kashmera didn't get along in the first season. Can we expect some clash this season?


I will have lots of disagreements and fights with Kashmera, Arshi and the others.

You just wait and watch, this show will be about Rakhi versus the rest of the contestants in the house!

Yeh sab mere pe chadnewale hai.

Nobody will want me in the house but I need the janta's support to go ahead in the game.

I am a good entertainer, so I will entertain the audience with my dance, comedy and one-liners.

Do you have any friends inside the house?

I just know Eijaz, and I hope he supports me.

But he is not my best friend.

You said your career is going downwards.

Someone cheated me and I went totally bankrupt.

If I get a chance in Bigg Boss, I will reveal what happened in my life.

If you don't have education, people can take you for granted and cheat you.

Meri zindagi jeeteji narak bangayi (My life has become hell).

I will reveal everything in Bigg Boss.

It's a painful story.

I don't want another person's life to be like Rakhi Sawant's.

At least people will be more careful when they sign a paper after they listen to my story.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Rakhi Sawant/Instagram

Lastly, are you carrying any special clothes inside the house?

I am going to do puja inside the house at 3 am, when everybody is fast asleep.

I can't reveal much, but I can't wear anything during this puja, so maybe I will wear cabbage leaves to cover my body as there are cameras 24/7 (laughs).

You will see how things will change for me after that in the house.

I did a little shopping with whatever time I had, so I'll get to wear those clothes inside the house.

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