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Is Naga Chaitanya Getting Remarried?

April 20, 2022 12:28 IST
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IMAGE: Nagarjuna with Naga Chaitanya. Photograph: Kind courtesy Amala Akkineni/Instagram

The Telugu film industry recently woke up to 'reports' of Naga Chaitanya marrying again after his recent divorce.

According to these 'reports', the second marriage is being arranged by the actor's family.

A source close to the Akkineni family tells Subhash K Jha that such rumours are the handiwork of vested interests: "They want to tarnish the family's reputation. They want to show Chaitanya as a frivolous, immature, fun-seeker, who wants to re-marry even before the divorce proceedings have been completed. It's nothing, but mudslinging. But the mud won't stick because Naga is too mature react to such nonsense."

The actor's father Nagarjuna asks: "What do we do with these idle minds and their wild imagination? We are advised to take legal action against these elements, but where is the time to chase these rumour-mongers? My warning to them: Do not misconstrue our patience for cowardice."

Naga Chaitanya laughs off the rumours, saying, "Is it even worth responding to?"


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