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'I am eating a bottle of Nutella a day!'

April 12, 2020 10:36 IST
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Salman Khan's protege and Notebook actor Zaheer Iqbal is enjoying he national lockdown.

He tells Patcy N/,, "I have taken a break from everything -- from working out and diet."

How is the lockdown treating you?

I am really enjoying it.

I am chilling.

I have taken a break from everything, from working out and diet.

I am enjoying my food and my free time.

On a daily basis, we have to wake up at a particular time, get ready, go to work. Even our Sundays are planned.

So I am enjoying this no plan period, not-having-to-do-anything phase.

What's your timetable like?

I try to sleep at a decent hour.

I make sure I don't sleep at like, 7 or 8 am because when you binge-watch, you don't realise the time.

So I try sleeping at a reasonable hour like 3 or 3:30 am.

I wake up by 10 am.

I chill, watch shows.

I have been catching up on the movies I haven't seen.

I play an hour of table tennis. My dad is a great player.

That's my only exercise to be healthy.

I am eating a bottle of Nutella a day!

Aren't you worried about putting on weight?

I have already put on weight, I am not worried about it.

Everyone's going to come out on few kilos (heavier).

But that is okay because once we get back to our hectic routine, our diet and workout will make up for these two months.

In a time like this when you're made to sit at home and can't do much, why diet and give more stress to your brain?


IMAGE: Vipul Gupta as Bala, Muzammil Ibrahim as Avinash, Saiyami Kher as Juhi, Meher Vij as Ruhani in Neeraj Pandey and Shivam Nair's Special Ops.

What shows have you been watching?

I watched Special Ops and loved it. I am a huge fan of Neeraj Pandey.

Killing Eve is a slightly twisted show, but it's amazing.

I saw Ford vs Ferrari. I am a sucker for true stories.

It's about how Ford created a Ford Mustang -- one of my favourite cars -- and it also has a fantastic actor like Matt Damon.

The Platform is a really twisted movie.

I saw Da Vinci Code once again. I am a huge Tom Hanks fan.

I also saw Inside Man.

Banker is a fantastic movie about real estate and construction which really excites me.

I saw Intern for the fifth time.

Do you miss anything?

I miss cycling.

I miss swimming.

I miss going out in the sun. I hate sitting in the AC.

I miss my niece.

What is the first thing you will do once this lockdown is over?

I will start working.

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