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How Priyamani Stays Fit And Gorgeous

April 26, 2024 08:55 IST
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Priyamani shares her fitness and fashion tips

IMAGE: Priyamani flaunts her toned frame in a beige co-ord set from Shruti Sancheti's latest collection. Photographs: Kind courtesy Priyamani/Instagram

We are used to seeing our favourite actors chased by the paparazzi at the airport, at the gym and outside their homes and at private lunches and dinners.

While one can debate endlessly if these paps were paid, planted or tipped off to click some of these well-manicured pictures, there exists a group of actors who prefer to stay away from such publicity gimmicks and, instead, let their work speak for them.

Priyamani, one can safely say, belongs to the latter category.

The Bengaluru-born beauty, who started her career at age 18, believes hard work is the key to success in the entertainment industry.

With three back-to-back hits in Bollywood in recent times -- Jawaan, Article 370 and Maidaan -- Priyamani calls herself lucky and fortunate; she dubs herself 'God's favourite child' on Instagram, where she is followed by over two million people from across the globe.

A week ahead of Maidaan's release, when I met Priyamani for the first time at the Bhagya bungalow in Versova, north west Mumbai, I found it difficult to look away from her.

Dressed in a pale olive green kalamkari sari paired with a sleeveless blouse and a silver choker with beads, the actor looked alluring as she posed for pictures.

Minutes later, as she sat down for the interview, Priyamani greeted me with a warm smile.

I continued to admire her assured, no-nonsense demeanour as she talked about her love for films irrespective of language or genre, her definition of fashion, the secret to her fitness and, most importantly, her advice to young, aspiring artistes dreaming of a career in the movies.

Priyamani shares her fitness and fashion tips

IMAGE: Looking stunning in an ornamental kalamkari sari and blouse, courtesy Archana Jaju

Unlike other actors, we don't see you posting gym selfies or workout videos.

(Smiles) It's because I don't want to share it with everyone.

What is the secret to your fitness?

I eat well.

I do yoga, three times a week.

I make sure I sleep by 11 at least. When I am shooting, 10.30 pm is my cut-off time.

Even if I don't have a shoot, I wake up by 7.30 am. Waking up early is something my grandmom has instilled in me and I still follow that.

Do you follow a strict diet regime too?

Food-wise, I eat consciously. I am slightly diet conscious. I get these packed meals that are curated for me.

Priyamani shares her fitness and fashion tips

IMAGE: Tradition with a hint of glam... Priyamani nails the brief with elan.

Your Instagram account has such fabulous pictures of you dressed in saris and designer outfits. Would you like to share some fashion advice with our readers?

I am the wrong person to give fashion advice.

What you see on Instagram is thanks to a team of people -- stylists who help me look good.

But I can tell you one thing: Whether it's a sari or any outfit, at the end of the day you need to feel comfortable wearing it.

The design or material doesn't matter. You must feel good. That, I think, is important.

When you are not taking advice from a stylist, what do you like to wear?

When I am not shooting, I am very comfortable in track pants and a t-shirt.

During summer, I'd prefer to wear a pair of shorts and a tee.

Priyamani shares her fitness and fashion tips

IMAGE: All smiles in a pink hand-embroidered chanderi anarkali suit by Priyal Prakash.

As someone who started her career at a young age and continues to be successful, what advice for youngsters who want to make a career in the film industry?

Don't take it for granted because, here, every second person you know is looking for an opportunity to get into the industry.

If you get an opportunity, do not just let it go. Someone else will grab it.

Do not shy away from giving auditions.

You must work hard. You must learn to value people's time.

If you want your time to be valued, you must value other people’s time.

And most importantly, give respect and ensure that you are respected.

Priyamani shares her fitness and fashion tips

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