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Bigg Boss 16: Are Priyanka-Ankit Dating? VOTE!

November 28, 2022 13:08 IST
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Everyone's been talking about Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta's relationship since Bigg Boss 16 started.

While they haven't admitted to it, their adorable equation has been one of the highlights of this season.

But the contestants, including Priyanka's friend Archana Gautam, are convinced that the couple is putting up a show for the game.

Namrata Thakker shares the reasons.


Priyanka is using Ankit for the game

By now, it's clearly established that Priyanka is more vocal, feisty and involved in the BB game.

Contestants like Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot and Sajid Khan have accused her of being footage-hungry and intervening in fights to grab screen-time.

In Sunday's episode, Archana claimed Priyanka was tagging along with Ankit only for footage. And we don't entirely disagree.

Since day one, we have seen Priyanka fighting with Ankit for no reason, then waiting for him to console her.

It has become a trend and, frankly, it's getting exhausting to watch.

Soundarya feels Priyanka is so dominating that Ankit often feels suffocated in their friendship.

Since Priyanka and Soundarya spend time together, it's worth taking her observation into consideration, isn't it?



Priyanka-Ankit weren't on talking terms

Before coming to the Bigg Boss house, Priyanka and Ankit hadn't spoken to each other for five months.

That's a red flag right there.

Priyanka had confessed this on the show's first episode when she arrived with Ankit. 

And Tina Datta points that out to Archana, Soundarya and Nimrit in the latest episode.

Ms Datta says they have known each other for over two years but weren't on talking terms before coming into the Bigg Boss house, which says a lot about whether they're in a relationship or not.


Does Ankit's silence say it all?

Priyanka has been very vocal about her affection for Ankit.

In fact, she's gone on record to say that their relationship has been one-sided, whether in the BB house or outside.

During one of their fights, Ankit confided in Sajid Khan that there's lot of baggage from the past and things are complicated between them in the outside world, which is why he doesn't like talking about their friendship.

Yes, it's obvious Ankit and Priyanka share a bond as they have worked together on a show before.

But over seven weeks, Ankit has mostly been silent when asked about being in relationship with Priyanka.

Even when Salman Khan grilled him on a recent weekend episode, Mr Gupta chose not to say anything about it.

Is Ankit's silence doing the talking?


Are Priyanka-Ankit dating? VOTE!

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