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Bigg Boss 13: 'Shefali isn't making unnecessary drama'

December 03, 2019 12:36 IST
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'Sidharth and Paras think they are playing games, but I feel Shehnaz is playing them.'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shefali Jariwala/Instagram

"Paras has completely lost the plot," Shefali Jariwala's actor husband Parag Tyagi says.

While he feels his wife -- he calls her Pari fondly -- is playing the game well on Bigg Boss 13, he's upset with some of the people around her.

Paras is definitely one of them.

"I do not like men disrespecting women," he tells Contributor Rajul Hegde.

How is Shefali Jariwala playing the game in the house?

I miss Pari every moment.

My birthday was a few days ago, but I could not celebrate it without her. This is my first birthday away from her.

The housemates are just fighting and crying for footage.

But she distances herself from those situations and makes her point only when that person calms down.

Though Pari has got many opportunities to play games and garner footage, she hasn't.

She is only reacting to situations instead of making unnecessary drama.

She is being honest.

IMAGE: Shefali with Parag. Photograph: Kind courtesy Shefali Jariwala/Instagram

What do you have to say about her friendship with Asim and Himanshi?

I really like Asim.

He is a man with a big heart.

He is so loyal to his friends.

If I was in Bigg Boss, getting him as a friend would be like a trophy.

I am happy that Pari, Himanshi and Asim have bonded well.

Whatever some fights they had were situational, little things said in the heat of the moment. I don't think they actually meant them.

I hope their friendship continues.

The housemates are jealous of their equation.


IMAGE: Himanshi, Asim and Shefali in Bigg Boss 13.

Do Sidharth and Shefali staying together under one roof bother you, considering they have a past?

It never crossed my mind even once.

I have known Shefali for the last 10 years and we know everything about each other.

We trust each other blindly.

There is no chance of secrets spilling from the show.

Sidharth has never been disrespectful to Shefali. He has kept his dignity.

You know Sidharth for some time. How do you think he he playing the game?

Sidharth is the captain of the house, but duties are assigned according to Paras and Mahira.

I am sure his fans are disappointed with that.

I have met Sidharth a couple of times.

He has a good heart and never asks for validation.

I love the way he is playing the game, but from the last few weeks, he has changed. He has started taking validations for his actions from Mahira, Paras and Vishal.

Mahira is the same person who pointed her shoes at him, which was so disrespectful.

People love him for the way he is. This is not real the Sidharth, so I hope he understands that soon.

I hope he does not get played by Paras.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shefali Jariwala /Instagram

Shefali said that she learnt how to cook before she entered Bigg Boss.

She only makes scrambled eggs because I love it. And it’s outstanding!

She learnt a bit of cooking because you never know what job is assigned to them in the house.

She has rolled out rotis in the house, which she has never done before.

I have seen her cutting vegetables as well.

She likes challenges.

Shefali doesn’t like Mahira. It was evident from her comment about Mahira’s lips.

Paras first spoke about her lips, then Vikas (Hindustani Bhau) underlined it.

So everybody realised that she is very sensitive about her lips.

If she rubs people the wrong way, they will bring up that topic, right?

Shefali is smart. 

She tried her best to keep calm when Mahira used foul language during the transport task. But when Mahira kept instigating, Shefali brought up that topic. 

Though Mahira keeps saying she loves her lips, she looks for validation from people. She will ask, 'You like my lips, na?'

If you love your lips, why are you bothered about what others are saying?


IMAGE: Himanshi with Shefali in Bigg Boss 13.

Shehnaaz Gill and Paras feel that Shefali provoked the fights between Asim and Sidharth.

Paras is spreading this.

He lost it when Shefali entered the house because he knew she is a strong housemate.

It was Paras’s game plan to keep Sidharth away from Shefali and Asim.

When they had a fight, Shefali told Asim that his point may be right but they way he was talking to Sidharth was wrong.

Shefali loved Shehnaaz from Day One, and thought they would be friends.

But Shehnaaz nominated her in the first week itself, as she also felt that Shefali was a strong contender and told Paras that.

Also, she was upset that Shefali did not invite her to the pool party (When Shefali won a task, Bigg Boss rewarded her with a pool party).

Sidharth and Paras think they are playing games but I feel Shehnaz is playing them.

During an altercation, Paras passed derogatory comments on Shefali.

He is disgusting.

Now people are getting to see his real self.

He has a mother, sister and a girlfriend, so he should start respecting a woman of the house also.

I do not like men disrespecting women.

Asim is the only guy, who showed him the mirror.

IMAGE: Devoleena with Shefali in Bigg Boss 13.

Who do you think will be in the top five?

If a wildcard can win then Shefali will.

Then, Sidharth, Azim, Shefali, Shehnaaz and Rashmai Desai.

Rashami was lost in the middle, as she got evicted and returned to the house.

Later, she was in shock as Arhaan also got evicted quickly. But she will definitely change her gear.

She is a strong contender and has a huge fan following.

Earlier, Paras had the chance. Now, he is going haywire.

He has completely lost the plot.

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