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Bigg Boss 13: The 'love story' India missed

November 19, 2019 11:43 IST
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'Rashami was crying continuously when I was leaving, and that made it evident that it was more than friendship.'

Model-actor Arhaan Khan entered Bigg Boss 13 as a wild card and piqued the audience interest for being Rashami Desai's rumoured boyfriend.

But his stint inside the house did not last long and he was shown the door pretty quickly.

He's still in shock about his eviction, as he feels he had received a lot of love from the audience.

"I have got a video where a person is breaking his TV after my eviction," he tells Contributor Rajul Hegde. 

Were you surprised when your name was announced for eviction?

I am still in shock and very disappointed.

The way people showered their love and affection on social media is unbelievable.

I have got a video where a person is breaking his TV after my eviction.

I didn’t know people loved me so much.

What went wrong?

If you look at my journey, I have taken a stand on the right things and did not behave badly with the girls in the house.

I have given my 100 percent to the tasks. The tunnel task was one of the most difficult tasks in Bigg Boss ever.

I got a lot of bruises on my body while doing the task but that did not stop me from winning it, 4-0.

Then I got evicted.

So that was shocking for me as well as the viewers.


How were things between you and your rumoured girlfriend Rashami Desai?

Before entering the house, Rashami and I were only good friends. The news about us dating was just a rumour.

I got to spend more time with her inside the house -- when you are locked in a house with nothing to do, you tend to observe people carefully.

I realised I had developed feelings for Rashami as we spent two weeks in the house.

Both of us felt that we could take our relationship forward.

She is the perfect girl any guy would like to spend his life with.

Viewers got to see our banter and cute fights and I think they loved it because it was genuine.

Before I could express my feelings, I got evicted.

India ne bahut bade cheez miss kar diya.

Hindustan would have got to a watch very big love story.

If I go back to the house, everyone will be very happy.

Rashami was crying continuously when I was leaving, and that made it evident that it was more than friendship.

After you left the house, Paras Chhabra said you were not being yourself.

Paras knows I am a short-tempered guy and don’t get scared of anyone.

I don’t want to play the game like Paras because he thinks he is the big boss of the house and knows everything.

Paras’s work is to rub the housemates the wrong way and fight with them.

I feel if things can be solved without fighting then why not?

Why we need to fight 24 hours in the house?

How can you expect them to show only our fights in the one-hour episode?


What advice did you give Rashami when you left?

Rashami is big-hearted and misunderstood.

I told her to be herself, be strong and give it back to people if they fight unnecessarily with her.

I told her to come out of the house with a trophy.

Before you went inside the house, you said you want to sort out the differences between Rashami and Siddharth Shukla.

Yes, I had gone to sort out their differences but the fights started because of it.

It appears that people in the house want to fight and not sort out differences.

That's why I didn’t want to try further, as it was a matter of self-respect.

What do you have to say about the Siddharth Shukla?

Siddharth is a strong contestant and deserves to be in the finals.

He is manipulative and I did not get a positive vibe from him, so I didn’t talk much to him.

Who is the most cunning in the house?

Shehnaaz Gill.

Shehnaaz, Paras and Mahira Sharma are not playing a fair game.

Photographs: Kind courtesy Arhaan Khan/ Instagram

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