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Your Navratri pix: Readers in colourful outfits

October 12, 2018 11:35 IST

We'd asked you readers how you are celebrating Navratri.
Here are some responses we received from you.

Click here to post your photographs.

Navratri pix

Shashikant Chere shared this picture of his wife celebrating the festival.

Navratri pix

Mohd Ahmed wore a blue jacket to match the colour scheme on Day One of Navratri.

Navratri pix

Onkar Todkari's colleagues are co-ordinated in different shades of blue.

Navratri pix

Kumar Maddani's 'sweetheart' Sahiti is all decked up for the festival. Cute na?

Navratri pix

Sanjay Singh sent us this photograph of this young lady dressed in blue.

Navratri pix

Rajni Negi also flaunted her Navratri style in a red kurta and blue dupatta.

Dear readers, how are you celebrating Navratri this year? Tell us.

Are you wearing the colour of the day? Are you fasting or feasting

Share photographs of your celebrations with us. Click here to post your photograph or simply e-mail them to (subject: Navratri pix). We'll publish the best ones on

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