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Why Blue Is Beautiful Anandhi's Favourite Colour

April 05, 2024 11:00 IST
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'Life is art' for Kayal Anandhi so she chooses to make it her 'masterpiece'. 

The south Indian actor, who will be seen in White Rose, wants an old-fashioned sort of love story; her wardrobe reflects that vibe. 

The pretty lady from Kayal and Zombie Ready doesn't need make-up to shine under the spotlight. 

Simplicity is her gehna and 'classy is the new black' as far she is concerned.

IMAGE: A vision in white, she'll walk straight into your heart in her white salwar kurta set and red bindi
Photographs: Kind courtesy Kayal Anandhi/Instagram


IMAGE: Her pastel blue sari matches both the colour of the sky and her serene mood.


IMAGE: Besides her love for monochrome, it's her pout and oversized shades give off rockstar vibes. 


IMAGE: She keeps it simple and fresh; it's a rare sight to see her dolled up to the nines.  


IMAGE: Is she wondering where her bike is because her off-road style is 10 on 10. 


IMAGE: Sun-kissed in her favourite colour, blue.   

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