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Ravishing Rashami

April 04, 2024 08:40 IST
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Rashami Desai feels 'complete' in traditional silhouettes.

But she also looks spectacular in rugged, dressed-down aesthetics.

'I like things to be modern but (the) heart is Indian, what to do?' she writes on Instagram, adding, 'Looks and comfort is just a dream. Learn to take the risk.'  

The actor, who plays a professor in Jahangir National University (JNU), has a wardrobe filled busy prints, splashes of colours, bright accents and blooming florals.

IMAGE: How could we not begin with a picture of Rashami in a simple cotton sari that will take your breath away?
Photographs: Kind courtesy Rashami Desai/Instagram


IMAGE: Her yellow dress is an easy way to look chic on the beach.


IMAGE: She turns to blue when Mondays make her feel sexy and groovy.


IMAGE: What do you think of her carefree outfit that's 'wild and free, just like the sea'?


IMAGE: The actor marries her love for brightly coloured silhouettes and relaxed pantsuits as she strolls the streets of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.


IMAGE: A flamingo pose to match the pink and white vibe.


IMAGE: Rashami creating her own sunshine in this gently marbled print.


IMAGE: She is in a 'long term relationship with amazing food'; that's probably why she's dressed like a sinful slab of delicious chocolate.


IMAGE: 'Main hun hi awesome,' says Rashami. How can one disagree after seeing her in this denim number?


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