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When Tiger Made Rashmika Blush

July 26, 2023 16:29 IST
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He's super ribbed. She's got a pool/beach-ready bod.

They both own killer workout moves. But these are maneuvers always accomplished in pic-perfect gym gear because the cameras adore them.

Fashion chameleons, their street style is hoppin and boppin, but they also bring out ethnic getups that are as awe-inspiring.

Trust the Pushpa actress to kabjao hearts with her Total Cuteness. And there's no way you won't Whistle Baja watching Tiger Shroff's Disco Dancer steps.

Rashmika Mandanna aka 'the national crush of India' and Tiger, whose out-of-this-world superhero Flying Jaat reel image has earned him a place alongside stars like Hrithik Roshan, have something else in common -- their love for anime.

That's why it made sense to bring the two together for the launch of Crunchyroll App, that aims to showcase the best of anime to enthusiastic desi fans.

Hitesh Harisinghani/ snapped, ceaselessly, the stars at their candid best, while Afsar Dayatar/ kept his camera rolling as Rashmika and Tiger's interest in anime had the audience enthralled.

IMAGE: Hello Gorgeous! Hi Handsome! Namaste.


IMAGE: Rashmika happily shows some love to her excited fans, while Tiger is all respect.


Watch Tiger extend a hand of friendship to the audience as he speaks about the lessons anime taught him.



IMAGE: Many might find the topic of anime yawn-yawn, but these two were ekdum khush while prattling endlessly about the anime duniya. Tiger revealed he was glued to Pokemon earlier, and is now a die-hard fan of Dragon Ball Z. Really.


IMAGE: Did the mention of Pokemon make Rashmika blush? It will surely takes kids from the 90s back to their childhood.


IMAGE: Hold on! Tiger has another confession to make: "I also like Naruto: Shippuden." Maybe he finds parallels for himself in the story of that ninja.

IMAGE: Tiger's Naruto: Shippuden-wallah admission elicited the loudest cheer from Rashmika, who has a special fondness for Naruto.


Do you know which anime character Rashmika and Tiger would like to dress as?
Or what Tiger would want to leave behind for his kids? The answer lies in this video.


IMAGE: The bubbly smile. The red and pink combo. Velvet. Rashmika, as always, is manna for the eyes.


IMAGE: No event featuring this duo is paisa-vasool without a glimpse of their dancing skills.


Rashmika and Tiger on the anime series that get them excited.

Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani/ Video: Afsar Dayatar/

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