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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » Sonal Dresses Down To Dress Up

Sonal Dresses Down To Dress Up

March 20, 2023 16:26 IST
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Nah, tracks are not something you would consider pulling out of the cupboard if you are aiming for high fashion.

Unless you are Sonal Chauhan.

Extra casual dressing has never really left the game ever since the lolling-in-our-boxers-or-pyjamas-24/7 days of the pandemic.

And Delhi girl and actor Sonal can teach you six neat ways to wear athleisure or sportsy fare and make a posh impression.

IMAGE: 1. Only black: Black and black with pink lips and oversized sunnies.
Much more dressy than you thought, right?
Still utterly chill.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Sonal Chauhan/Instagram


IMAGE: 2. Choose a pretty pink sweatshirt: Yup, the candy floss look is meant for lovers of unicorns and all things girly.
Cute, cute, even if it's leisure stuff.


IMAGE: 3. Pink, white and tanned abs: A pretty all-purpose getup.
She opts for a sporty, glammed-up pink camisole, white tracks and a personalised bag.
Great for shopping. Dressy enough for travelling. And too cool for catching the first IPL match in Ahmedabad.
Remember to keep those white bottoms looking pristine.


IMAGE: 4. Neutrals: Sonal establishes through her Thailand travel Insta poses that earthy shades of brown are the new colours to turn to.
'Drip iconic' is how she puts it. Indeed.


IMAGE: 5. The kick of red workout wear: She's 'delicious and refreshing' like the slogan for the drink emblazoned across her top.
A different kind of #RealMagic.


IMAGE: 6. Invest in sport shoes: The trainers are beaut.
And funky coloured denim cargo pants and a black strappy top orders the heat to scat. 

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