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Single on V-Day? Here's what you can do

February 10, 2021 12:39 IST
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Are you single this Valentine's Day? Don't write the day off altogether.

10 good ideas to make this February 14 a memorable one.

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1. Bake, cook and treat yourself to something DELICIOUS

Self-love is the most important kind of love.

Put on your chef's hat and treat your taste buds to yummy, lip-smacking food or sinful desserts, because the fastest way to the heart is through the stomach.

Not in the mood to cook a meal from scratch? Just treat yourself to some chocolate-dipped strawberries.

You can always buy a D-I-Y meal kit or even better, order in and enjoy a lazy Sunday meal in the comfort of your home.

Not confident of your cooking skills? Sign up for a virtual cooking class and whip up a MasterChef meal for yourself.


2. Take an online Zumba/yoga class and get your adrenaline pumping

If your friends are going to be busy with their partners, why not try an amazing online workout?

You can take up a sweaty kickboxing or aerobics class.

Or just stick to simple meditation with some soft music playing in the background.

If you love spending time outdoors, how about a trek? Just remember to follow safety precautions.


3. Watch a popular show or go down memory lane and watch a rerun of FRIENDS

Thanks to OTT platforms, there is plenty to watch right now. 

Curl up on the couch and enjoy your favourite movie/show as you munch on some popcorn.


4. Stay away from social media for a day

Almost everyone is going to be posting loved-up pictures with their partners on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

Scrolling through your timeline is only going to make you feel depressed. 

Do yourself a huge favour and don't check your social media for a day. 


5. Spend time with your family

Exclusive family time is a brilliant idea and Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to spoil your loved ones.

Everyone deserves a little bit of extra affection, so why not make it a day about good food and great conversation with your parents?

You can let your parents enjoy a relaxing day as you cook their favourite meal.  

If you are at home, watch a movie together or play a game or chess or Ludo if you don't want to spend too much time cooking.


6. Have a hobby? Spend the day doing it

The lockdown might have given you plenty of time to acquire a new skill or rekindle your love for an old hobby. 

Be it gardening, reading, painting or playing a musical instrument, there's nothing like spending quality time doing things you love.


7. Buy yourself flowers

What's more romantic than gifting yourself a beautiful bunch of your favourite flowers?

It's a great idea to keep things lively and memorable.


8. Relax in a bubble bath

Soak away all your stress and worries as you enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.

Don't have a bath tub? No problem.

Try to shut the vents in your bathroom, and create a jacuzzi kind of an experience by running really hot bath water from the tap.

Add a few drops of your favourite scented oil and some red petals in the bucket for that extra romantic touch. 

You can throw in some scented candles for a little added fun. 

It's everything you need for a calm, relaxing evening.


9. If you have other single friends, plan a Zoom party

How about celebrating with all your BFFs who are single as well?

Make sure you have some delicious food that you can chow down and some foot-tapping music to dance the night away. 


10. Or just SLEEP because it is a Sunday

Well, you don't need a better excuse to spend the whole day in bed.

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