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This article was first published 3 years ago  » Getahead » 10 healthy habits for a BETTER YOU

10 healthy habits for a BETTER YOU

February 08, 2021 09:58 IST
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Shivli Bembey, lifestyle coach and founder of The WOW Life, shares simple hacks that will contribute to a healthier version of you inside out.

IMAGE: It is important to let go of negative emotions in order to let positive energy flow in, says Shivli Bembey. Photograph: Kind courtesy Shivli Bembey

The relationship that you share with yourself is the most important one.

Investing in your wellness shows that you honour and love yourself.

Lifestyle changes are transformative; they need, time, love and commitment like any other relationship.

The benefits are many -- from longevity and vitality to immunity.

When you start making mindful choices and then adopt them with awareness there is no stopping you.

Generating that positive energy which could help you meet your needs, goals and purposes so you can have a healthier, happier and an inspiring relationship with yourself, should be a priority for you in 2021.

So how can we generate, activate, channelise and balance this positive energy?

1. Open an 'Energy Bank Account'

Two inches below your navel is where you store all that healthy energy you generate through a nutritious diet, proper hydration and exercise.

As you inhale and fill your belly like a balloon and exhale fully, taking your belly towards your spine, this energy bank account restores your body balance, making sure all the organs of your body function appropriately, generating those happy hormones.

2. Move and Meditate

Yes, you heard it right. Do not shy away from the benefits of meditation just because you cannot sit and stay still.

Qi gong (an Asian form of yoga) is a beautiful form of meditation, a combination of slow flowing movements and deep rhythmic breath work.

This not only helps your thoughts flow and let your emotions release any negativity, but also massages your internal organs and builds your immunity as breathing is integral to this joyful practice.

3. Take 5

Breaks are essential. They help you reboot, reconnect and revive your energy.

With work from home and laptop on one side and the phone on the other, pinging and ringing all the time, you need to take 5.

Get up, walk around, let your mind wander, stretch, take a power nap, play with your dog, enjoy your cuppa, consciously without distractions.

This will only make you more productive. Try it, to believe it.

4. Diary of ideas

Your creativity needs an expression. You don't need to be an artist to express your idea.

Penning down or drawing out your thoughts that occur naturally brings in that self love, that you acknowledge what your mind wants to tell you and your heart wants to express.

This is a self reflection book that is unbiased and so personal, so be vulnerable and allow yourself to be transparent and just vent or invent anything in this journal.

5. Explore a New You

Pick up a new online workshop, try a new workout session, indulge in art therapy or music therapy.

Get in touch with your inner child and feel liberated when you pick something out of your comfort zone.

A course that is channelised from of pure intent of exploration. This will help you discover new aspects a bout yourself.

6. Trigger Sheet

It is important while you get used to the new normal that you create a list of things that trigger you towards displacement of negative energy.

This list will keep you in awareness to stop, pause and breathe before you react and compromise on your work or relationships.

Also, you can use the 'flip model' and write the positive reaction that you can have to the trigger. This will help negate the negative and empower you with the positive.

7. Essential incense

Aroma therapy helps elevate your senses and has also been seen as a clinically proven way towards being a mood motivator.

Indulge by adding a few drops to your bath or add your favourite incense oil to your diffuser.

An amazing array of herbal oils are available to activate a particular sense of smell that in turn get your brain cells to induce a positive mood.

8. Laugh if Off

Humour is the best medicine, laughter increases healthy cell regeneration and promotes metabolism.

The longevity of life increases, when the mind is refreshed, you feel the stress is taken away by watching a nice stand up or a comedy film.

To live an interesting life, where we smile our way through our worries, instead of being intense, is a lifestyle change that holistically fills us with positivity.

9. Work In to Work Out

It's important to work towards your inner peace and fulfilment.

Heal what needs attention and love. Your thoughts, emotions and past issues need to be resolved and let go off.

Allow that process to take place, be kind to yourself.

Release any negative emotions so when you work out your current issues, there is no holding you back

10. Embrace your uniqueness

If you are different, you have an opinion, you are unique, then its time to celebrate it.

Embrace who you are and enable yourself to accept the same and keep on exploring how you want to grow and evolve by being your authentic self.

The year 2021 is a whole new world that seems challenging, but it's a transition where you can stand your own and speak up and be you.

Positivity encourages your to be brave and blossom into your own

I have always believed that life is a journey and the pit stops are the challenges that need to be turned into opportunities when you learn to manoeuvre the twists and turns of life, skillfully as you make your way to destination wellness.

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