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Models, Surf And Sea

June 08, 2023 16:31 IST
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The only way to pass the summer days is by the ocean. Given the temperatures, it'll be really hard to resist spending a day lolling on the beach.

Splash about in the warm waters and indulge in make-your-friends-jealous selfies.

On the occasion of World Ocean Day, let these models playing beach bums inspire you to grab a day at the sea.

IMAGE: Hello sunshine. This is how you spend summer and survive!
Yearning for Candice Pinto's view of the 'sunny side up'?
Almost part-amphibian in her pyaar for the water, she spends the day sunbathing as she oozes awesomeness in red.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Candice Pinto/Instagram


IMAGE: That view explains why Padma Lakshmi has 'left her heart' behind in Tokyo.
Her dress, shimmering richly between orange, maroon, red and pink, is so easy on the eye and intriguing in its construction.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Padma Lakshmi/Instagram


IMAGE: What can you say about a beautiful woman running through surf and sea?
Is a jog by the beach Ujjwala Raut's secret to staying fit?
Photograph: Kind courtesy Ujjwala Raut/Instagram


IMAGE: Rewati Chetri pays homage to the sea because she feels 'there is still so much of you that you haven't discovered yet'.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Rewati Chetri/Instagram


IMAGE: Rewati, this time essaying an ocean bird.
What a pretty bandana!
Photograph: Kind courtesy Rewati Chetri/Instagram


IMAGE: This is how Aishwarya Sushmita chooses to 'wash her sins away'.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Aishwarya Sushmita/Instagram


IMAGE: Nidhi Sunil does a dip at Cannes, looking like a goddess in checks.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Nidhi Sunil/Instagram

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