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Rediff's Top 10 Recipes For 2023

December 30, 2023 10:16 IST
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As we reach the end of 2023, we looked back at the 20 Recipes Rediff Readers Loved Most.

Some were budget friendly, some were elaborate, but all of them were heathy, home-cooked meals that will quickly become a special part of your food repertoire.

Read on to discover the Top 10 Recipes in Part 2 of this delicious feature.

10. Mangalorean Chicken Ghee Roast

Photograph: Kind courtesy Bethica Das

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, the chicken pieces are fried in ghee, which is the hero of this Mangalorean dish by Bethica Das.

Incredibly savoury and spicy, it tastes really good with neer dosas, steamed rice, dosas, appams, idiyappams, plain biryani or chapattis.

Please click here for the recipe.

9. Kheemyache Gole

Photograph: Kind courtesy Smita Deo

Home chef and cookbook writer Smita Deo's creation, Kheemyache Gole in pandra rassa or white gravy was loved by her late father-in-law actor Ramesh Deo.

The fried mutton balls, dunked in a rich, creamy stew of coconut milk and cashews, make for a crowd-pleasing dish that goess well with rice or bhakris.

Pleae click here for the recipe.

8. Maharashtrian Appe With Mango Chutney

Photograph: Mayur Sanap

Mayur Sanap offers you the ideal excuse to include lentils in your breakfast with his steamed Appe that's served with an intriguing coconut and raw mango chutney.

It's a simple but great way to get your children to ditch white bread and choco puffs for something more nutritional and healthy. 

Please click here for the recipe. 

7. Egg And Cheese Sandwich

Photograph: Kind courtesy Zelda Pande

Making this sandwich, perfected by Sitaram Bandekar, is pretty easy, and the combo of boiled eggs and cheese will make you come back to the dish again and again, every morning.

All you require are simple ingredients found in every kitchen.

Please click here for the recipe.

6. Millet Recipes Modiji Will Love

Photograph: Mayur Sanap

Millets have been touted as the superfood of 2023 for a reason -- they're easy on the stomach and your pocket as well. Not surprising then that found a place on this list.

These 18 exceptional recipes made with different kinds of millets taste super.

Be prepared to have no leftovers when you rustle up these dishes.

Please click here for the recipes.

5. Dal With Moringa Leaves

Photograph: Kind courtesy Bethica Das

There's nothing unhealthy about dal, but Bethica Das elevates the humble lentil curry with the addition of moringa leaves, that are known to be rich in vitamins and have antioxidants to boost the immune system.

It's spicy, tangy and will hypnotise your tastebuds.

Please click here for the recipe. 

4. Sutta Kathirikkai

Photograph: Kind courtesy Divya Nair

Manjula Nair's Sutta Kathirikkai is delicately roasted eggplant made into a chutney. It can be had for breakfast awith idlis or dosas, and for lunch or dinner with hot chapattis or steamed rice.

Red chillies bring in the spice and the tamarind is responsible for the sour tang.

Please click here for the recipe. 

3. Aloo Bhindi No Tomatoes

Photograph: Kind courtesy Rajesh Karkera

Something as simple as Aloo Bhindi can turn into a five-star dish only if the ladyfingers or okra is cooked the right way so it stays crispy.

That's what Rajesh Karkera achieved with his recipe. It carefully explains, in pictures, how to cook okra to perfection.

A medley of spice powders gives this sabzi its unique flavour and it's a great option for people on a budget, especially when tomato prices rocket.

Please click here for the recipe. 

2. Protein Bars

Photograph: Kind courtesy California Walnuts

Store-bought protein bars are expensive and there's no way to find out if their zero-sugar claims are true.

Hence, it's a good idea to make them at home and enjoy them post your workout.

Please click here for the recipe.

1. 10 Simple 20-Minute Sabzis

Photograph: Kind courtesy Suresh Daniel

Our top recipe of 2023 is an uncomplicated Gujarati recipe of the humble Tindli Alu, which can also be easily used to, jhatpat, make 9 other different sabzis using less-loved veggies like French beans, palak, parval, capsicum, papri or broad beans, etc.

When 'cooked up in a crispy fashion' this recipe happens to be among Zelda Pande's husband's favourites.

Please click here for the recipe.

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