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Ravishing Radhika!

January 05, 2024 10:24 IST
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Cool, composed, casual... Radika Apte doesn't need to show up in flashy numbers to be taken seriously.  

Always impeccable and well-turned out, she's the queen of minimalism and stands out even in basic cotton dresses.   

Feast your eyes on some of her irresistible outfits.  

IMAGE: Radhika's free-spirited flair is evident in this pic of her rocking a tie-dye bikini. 
Photographs: Kind courtesy Radhika Apte/Instagram


IMAGE: Bold red lips, an uber cute bob and a lovely red dress...


IMAGE: She loves white. She will wear it to a party...


IMAGE: For a walk in the wild...


IMAGE: And to the beach. 


IMAGE: She tends to repeat colours she loves. Purple seems to be her second all-time favourite hue. Note how she elevates the dress with brown boots. 


IMAGE: She combines her best-loved colours for a winning combo. 


IMAGE: Radhika matches her vibes with the deep-blue sea. 


IMAGE: She's got the perfect outfit for those who want to dress like a celeb but for a lot less money. 

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