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Rashmika's STUNNING Make-Up Free Looks!

November 30, 2023 08:55 IST
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Do you know when Rashmika Mandanna looks most breathtaking?

It's when she's got no make-up on. No glossy pout. No smoky eyes. No winged eyeliner.

That's when the focus moves to her clear skin and expressive eyes.

Her fresh-faced glow is the best thing you will see all day.   

This beautiful lady, clearly, has nothing to hide.    

IMAGE: Ranbir Kapoor's Animal co-star shows off her glowing complexion.  
Photographs: Kind courtesy Rashmika Mandanna/Instagram


IMAGE: A perfect, lipstick-free pout. 


IMAGE: Sneakers without laces. Face without highlighters and foundation. Less is always more for Rashmika. 


IMAGE: When she is on vacation, Rashmika likes comfort dressing!


IMAGE: Fuss-free really looks good on her. 


IMAGE: The highlight in this pic is her radiant skin. 


IMAGE: Rasmika dons a fresh face and a black bindi for a touch of glam.  

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