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BEAUTIFUL Model Friendships

August 05, 2023 09:27 IST
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You might have an image in your head that top models compete rigorously with each other and jostle for a place in the spotlight. Or worse, have catfights over being a designer's favourite muse.

We have no idea if these scenes could be true. But what we do know about are the wonderful friendships.

Like Deepti Gujral, who is fondly known as Deepu by fellow model Hemangi Parte, was the bridesmaid at bestie Candice Pinto's wedding -- scroll through Deepti's Instagram timeline and you'll realise that these girls are literally joined at the hip.

Desi supermodels think of each other as family. As Deepti would like to quote: m'They say there are friends, there is family, and there are friends that become family.'

That's the beauty of a lasting bond and on the occasion of Friendship Day, we present you pics of models and their BFFs.

IMAGE: Deepti Gujral, right, and Candice Pinto's friendship goes the distance.
They have adopted the same famous motto: 'People will stare, make it worth their while.'
Photograph: Kind courtesy Deepti Gujral/Instagram


IMAGE: Deepti is a popular face at India's fashion weeks, including LFW and FDCI India Couture Week, and here she captures those unbreakable ties with fellow models Jaspal Kaur Chana, centre, and Alesia Raut, right.
This trio has been in the modelling biz for years and they often come together to take memorable selfies after almost every show.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Deepti Gujral/Instagram


IMAGE: A triumvirate of smiles: Deepti with Candice and Hemangi Parte, right -- backstage time has to be selfie time.
Candice feels that 'we (Deepti and she) together is a beautiful place to be'.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Deepti Gujral/Instagram


IMAGE: A B/W Brigade: Candice and Deepti and design boss, Manish Malhotra.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Manish Malhotra/Instagram


IMAGE: Wood-fired pizzas at a BKC Mumbai restaurant, post catwalking, cements dosti. Left to right: All Candice, Deepti, Hemangi, Nethra Raghuraman, Alesia and Sucheta Sharma James need is 'Good company, Good food, Good laughs and Good memories to follow'.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Candice Pinto/Instagram


IMAGE: Their grins are a dentist's dream. Golden girls of the Indian fashion world -- left to right, Pia Trivedi, Anchal Kumar, Candice and Deepti -- are out on the town to ring in Anchal's birthday.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Deepti Gujral/Instagram

IMAGE: Models do eat. And well. Anjali Lama presents the proof you need. She tucks into a hearty New York brunch with runway colleagues and friends, left to right, Sanea Sheikh, Candice, Hemangi and Aishwarya Sushmita.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Anjali Lama/Instagram

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