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Nayantara-Vignesh Will Make You Believe In Love

September 06, 2023 08:54 IST
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He calls her 'Thangam', 'Kanmani', 'Thangameyy', 'Ellamaeyyyy' and, with great joy, the 'Lady Superstar'.

When Nayanthara joined Instagram five days ago, hubby and director Vignesh Shivan -- popularly referred to as Wikki -- welcomed her with a thunderous cheer. 'My uyris,' he posted with four heart emojis.

The special bond the duo shares will make even sceptics believe in the power of love.

Nayan and Wikki tied the knot on June 9, 2022, after dating for several years. A few months later, in October, they welcomed their twin babies via surrogacy.

The two first worked together in Naanum Rowdy Dhaan in 2015, but it feels like they have been together forever.

It would be impossible to list just one cute thing about these sweethearts because even their pictures don't do justice to their love story.

But we aim to try.


Their love is as free as a bird (the proof is in the pic).

IMAGE: Nayan can't take her eyes off Wikki here, but, in most pictures, it's vice versa because, for Wikki, 'love is happiness, happiness is love'.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Wikki Official/Instagram


They inspire each other.

IMAGE: Doesn't it feel like it was just yesterday that the two got married?
Wikki has celebrated nine of his birthdays with Nayan and each one has been special, memorable and different.
He writes: 'I've always known you and seen you as a powerful person! The strength you have to be confident and dedicated to whatever you do! I've seen a different person all these years!
'And always been inspired by your honesty and sincerity shown towards life and everything.'
'You don't wear make up these days cos the babies kiss your face! And I haven't seen a more beautiful you in all these years!' 


They have common interests.

IMAGE: Apart from films, they enjoy watching cricket matches together.
They both love Chennai Super Kings and adore CSK Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.


They 'pray hard and love hard'.

IMAGE: When Nayan pouts, Wikki smiles.
Is it her superstar ada that he is fida over?
'Love is all we can have for each and everyone,' says Wikki. 'Love is all that will make this life beautiful and prosperous!'


Hum do aur humare do

IMAGE: Can this feature be complete without their cute babies?
This one is definitely for the albums.


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