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This article was first published 2 years ago  » Getahead » 'My dad is my superhero, my Polaris'

'My dad is my superhero, my Polaris'

June 19, 2022 10:31 IST
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We'd asked YOU to share your Favourite Daddy Memory and tell us why he is special.

Sourav Roy, centre, with his father Colonel Sudip Roy

Sourav Roy, centre, above, tells us why his father Colonel Sudip Roy is special:

The importance of a father can't be neglected or ignored at all.

He is always ready to take on everyday troubles for his children.

The significance of a father is beyond words as he is the person who works tirelessly to fulfil the requirements of his family.

My father Colonel Sudip Roy and I share a unique bond embedded with love, care and companionship.

My dad is my superhero, my Polaris who with all his guidance and love helps me navigate in my darkest time when I am lost.

For me, he is an epitome of love, compassion, gratitude, strength, generosity; a very humble human being with a simplistic touch.

Looking at him assures me that he is an element of nature existing in its pristine glory.

My dad has always stressed about the fundamental life values. He taught me responsibility, honesty, accountability and the importance of hard work.

Thus, on Father's Day I honor all fathers and paternal bonds across the world, as well as the influence of fathers in the society who selflessly devote their life towards their children.

In the words of German playright Friedrich Schiller, 'It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.'

Dr Sreenivas Prasad's father

Dr Sreenivas Prasad shared a heartwarming post for his late father:

At 50 years of age and despite a hectic schedule as a doctor, if I am writing this article, this shows the influence of my Dad on me.

Every Dad is a hero for his child. But for me He is a Superhero. He is always there cheering me in my success and consoling me in my failures.

A Dad may teach his child carrom and cricket, to ride a bicycle and bike. But my Dad not only taught them to me but also to my child.

I used to watch Him with fear in my childhood (though He never even scolded me) because he is very straightforward and intolerant to mistakes and negligence. He'd argue and oppose and sometimes even scold his colleagues and subordinates if they went wrong.

The fear, however, slowly turned into admiration as I grew up. He is an active member of his bank union.

His leadership qualities, attachment to the family and kindness to the poor and needy made me awestruck with fascination making him my role model.

Once a bandh was being observed in my town which affected the transport system. I had fever. No vehicles (3 and 4 wheelers) were available because of the bandh.

He feared that I could not sit behind him on the scooter because of high fever.

As a law abiding citizen, he did not want my mom to sit behind me on triple seat.

So, what did he do?

He carried me on his shoulder to the hospital which was about 1 km away.

Is it surprising? Yes, because I am not a kid, but a 17 year old adolescent then.

This shows not only his dedication, but his physical and mental stamina.

Yes, he is very strong ,both physically and mentally.

Despite undergoing total hip replacement surgery twice and cardiac bypass surgery and despite having comorbidities like diabetes, he fought valiantly for 22 days with Covid infection before succumbing last year.

He is my friend, role model, mentor and superhero.

TS Nageshwara Rao

T S Nageswara Rao sent us this photograph of his father Sri T Bhavanarayana to wish him Father's Day:

My father Sri T Bhavanarayana was a retired deputy chief engineer in the irrigation department of Andhra Pradesh government.

He was known as a very strict and honest officer. He was from a rural area, but could speak eloquent English.

He taught my brothers and I the virtues of modesty, honesty and humility.

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