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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » The Coolest Dads On Instagram

The Coolest Dads On Instagram

By Rediff Get Ahead
June 17, 2022 08:45 IST
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These dads make fatherhood look wonderful and cool.

Please click on the images below for a better look.

IMAGE: Rannvijay Singha is a doting dad to Kainaat and Jahaanvir.
He is also the one handling their social media profiles. 
   The glimpses he shares of his children's birthdays and outings will melt your heart.
The best feeling in the world, he says, is his child sleeping peacefully in his arms.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Rannvijay Singha/Instagram


IMAGE: Fatherhood is letting Rohit Sharma discover the child within. 
When he is not hitting sixes on the field, he is mostly having a blast with daughter Samaira.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Rohit Sharma/Instagram


IMAGE: Mahendra Singh Dhoni is Ziva's proud daddy.
He loves to share pictures and videos of the time he spends with his daughter -- from burying her feet in the sand on the beach to taking her help to clean his jeep.
Ziva herself is a star on Instagram with 1.9 million followers.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Mahendra Singh Dhoni/Instagram


IMAGE: Allu Arjun doesn't hesitate to turn photographer for his kids Arha and Ayaan when they travel. 
When he is not signing big movies, he is at home spending quality time with them. 
His weekends are about colouring with his 'cuties'; they are, after all, the 'love of his life'. 
Photograph: Kind courtesy Allu Arjun/Instagram


IMAGE: Mahesh Babu loves to take road trips with his children. 
When he is not shooting, he takes off with his family on vacations across the world. 
Their summer strolls, splashes in hot springs and time spent 'mask'erading helps him recharge and reset. 
Photograph: Kind courtesy Mahesh Babu/Instagram


IMAGE: Arjun Rampal with his daughter Myra.
Dad to three children (Myra, Mahikaa and Arik), he's always there for them. 
And he often posts photographs of them holidaying together.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Arjun Rampal/Instagram


IMAGE: Justin Trudeau's children -- Ella Grace Margaret, Hadrien and Xavier James -- are not only blessed with great genes but seem to share his warmth and tender heart.
His wife, Sophie, says, 'For your help during sleepless nights to your comforting embrace at every milestone, the dad you are inspires us every day. We love you, Papa Justin. We are nourished by your tenderness, your patience and your love every day... essential to get through adolescence.'
Photograph: Kind courtesy Justin Trudeau/Instagram


IMAGE: He may be royalty but Prince William is just like any regular dad. 
He loves to share photos of his children on social media, going on vacays with them and he isn't afraid to talk sternly to his children in public if they need it. 
He once admitted that styling his daughter Charlotte's hair was a 'nightmare' and he had to watch tutorials on YouTube.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/Instagram


IMAGE: Like father, like son! Yash's videos with his children Ayra and Yathrav are extremely popular. 
His children, he says, are his happiness and blessing. They make his world a better place.
'Birthdays have never excited me. It's the happiness I see around, now especially with my tiny tots, they get me going!' he reveals.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Yash/Instagram




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