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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » 'Baba, I want to be your son in my next birth'

'Baba, I want to be your son in my next birth'

June 18, 2022 09:09 IST
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We'd asked you dear readers to share your Favourite Daddy Memory and tell us why he is special.
Anirban Sen lost his father last year. He shared this memorable note for his late father Ranabir Sen.

Anirban Sen writes about his father late Ranabir Sen

IMAGE: Anirban Sen with his late father, Mr Ranabir Sen.

A child's first line of tutors are his parents.

A child learns by watching his parents.

An infant, a toddler requires his mother more upto his infancy, which is normal.

But as we grow up we learnt particularly the sons learn from his father.

A father introduces the child to the world. I have reached middle age but my eyes turn moist thinking about my father late Ranabir Sen. Whatever I learnt, I learned from him.

I vividly recollect that as a young man whenever I felt sick my father has comforted me.

When I was down with jaundice in 2006, unable to appear in the CA final group, I was continuously throwing up whole night, with 104 degree temperature.

My father stayed awake all night beside my bed, checking on me every hour.

In school, when I hurt myself on the back of my head and had five stiches, my father picked me up and ran all through the doctors' chamber to get me treated.

As a kid, I had very severe asthma. I could not sleep properly at night and would often sit up on my bed gasping for air.

I've lost count of the nights my father stayed awake with me. In the morning despite not getting enough sleep, he would rush to office.

Yes, fathers are like this. They sacrifice everything -- be it good food, clothing, their entertainment for their progeny.

Now, whenever I pass the Dhakuria Lake, the memories haunts me.

How can I forgot those four years I went for swimming to cure my asthma?

My father would accompany me to the pool and sit through the entire session.

After swimming, we'd rush home in great hurry so he could go to office and I could school on time.

We discussed everything -- from elections to Operation Blue Star. It was great fun to learn from you.

He imbibed so many moral values -- told me not to fear failure but struggle with courage.

He'd say one should have honesty and character to face the inevitable.

He urged me to study not just text books but all books of great literature including inspirational books.

He introduced me to Readers Digest, which I enjoy reading till date.

Baba, you are no more. Last year, in the wee morning hours of April 15, my world shattered.

I know death is inevitable. You always wanted a dignified death at the comfort of your family in your own residence.

Baba with tears in my eyes, I am writing this.

I treat my sons the same way you treated me.

No scolding or loud words ever, but with kindness and with logic. But when it needed, you were firm and so am I.

Baba, I am your representative whom you left behind. But I also want to be your son in my next birth and thereafter.

My pranam and naman to you, Baba.

Pita Swargo, Pita Dharmo, Pita hi Parom Tapoh, Pitori pitrimapanne priyonte sarvodevota.

Dear readers, lets celebrate Fathers.

Choose your favourite photo of your dad and tell us why that picture means so much to you.

Is there a valuable lesson your father has taught you? Or an incident from his life that you can never forget?

What is it you love most about your father and why?

Send us your responses at (Subject line: 'My Dad'). Share your stories about your father, along with his picture. Do remember to mention your NAME, your FATHER'S NAME, and where you LIVE.

We'll feature the best responses on

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