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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » Models Make Summer Dreams Come True

Models Make Summer Dreams Come True

March 15, 2023 13:39 IST
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A retro, candy-coloured summer is on the horizon. 

Warm days, that promise to be decorated with paisley prints, abstract patterns, cats, nightingales and peacocks, in Mary Poppins fairground hues, are coming.

Designed for shooting-mercury weather, Abirr n' Nanki's collection Limerick offered staples for times when the heat forces you to strip down. 

A modern take on beachwear, with a dose of pageantry coming through via sunhats, capes and wrap-around skirts, the collection was a nod to maximalism and believing more is more. Find all the summer inspiration ahead. 

IMAGE: Fashion influencer Juhi Godambe opened the show, carefree, swinging her cape, floating along, a dose of cheerful summer sunshine. 
Psst... People mistook her for a Victoria's Secret model she was so good.
Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani/


IMAGE: She bids for a Grand Slam: Anjali Lama was dressed to enjoy a game of lawn tennis by the pool.


IMAGE: How do you classify this genus-defying outfit? A shorts dress? Wrap-around skirt shorts frock? 


IMAGE: Bikini tops aren't just reserved for swimsuits. Saris adore them too.  


IMAGE: In this A Boho beach gown she could be a bride of Neptune, who rules the waves.

IMAGE: A Neurotransmitter's Delight: When you put on a dress splashed with purple, pink, peach and turquoise, like a pack of Gems, it lifts your mood and makes you break immediately into a happy dance. True dopamine dressing. 

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