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Manushi, Rakul, Rashmika Wear The Colour of 2024

December 26, 2023 12:14 IST
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The light, fruity peach fuzz has been declared the colour of 2024 by experts at the Pantone Color Institute. 

Warm and cozy, it's a shade that that reminds of peace and serenity.

Designer Namrata Lodha feels that the shade gives Indians reason to rejoice. 

"Peach works great with our skin tones," she says. "Picture Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra rocking peach -- classy yet vibrant. Their style could totally bring out the best in this colour."

For Namrata, the best way to spice up the hue in desi fashion would be to "mix it with bold colours like royal blue or deep green" because "it adds a nice pop without being too subtle".

Designer Aprajita Toor is of the opinion that the hue will offer "us a space to feel, heal and grow.

"It nestles between pink and orange. It is raw yet soft, bold yet all-encompassing," she says. 

For her, the colour exudes a warm appeal "is a symbol of feminism and power".

She also feels this "versatile colour offers a romantic feel".

"In a nation like ours," continues Aprajita, "where colours are used to define the richness and vibrancy of our culture and heritage, the shade works as the perfect partner to enhance or be the sole star of any ensemble."

The trick to making it work for you would be to effortlessly blend it with a variety of different colour tones from matt to metallic.

"The colour can also be used with muted tones like white or to counter the bling in gold.

"It can be paired with bold shades like hot pink or Baltic blue, bringing in much needed vibrance and warmth," she adds. 

"The beauty of peach lies in the fact that irrespective of your personality, it still adds a little fuzz to your individuality.

"From the bold to the shy, and irrespective of your age, it can be counted as a go-to hue for everyone."

Designer Archana Jaju offers some style tips to incorporate the colour into an Indian wardrobe without keeping too understated.

"Pair it with vibrant and rich colours such as royal blue, emerald green or deep burgundy to create a striking contrast. This combination can be particularly elegant for traditional Indian outfits.

"Experiment with contrasting textures and fabrics. For example, a peach fuzz silk blouse paired with a heavily embroidered or textured skirt can add depth and visual interest.

"Opt for neutral tones like beige, cream or tan to create a sophisticated and subdued palette."

Last but not the least, accessorise it wisely. "Use handbags, shoes or scarves in complementary tones to add pops of colour without overwhelming the peach fuzz base."

"Ultimately, fashion is subjective and wearing what makes you feel confident and comfortable is key."

Quiz Archana about the Indian celebs who would look good in the colour and her vote too goes to Deepika.

"Her tall frame and dusky complexion will complement the softness of peach fuzz."

She also adds Sonam Kapoor Ahuja to the list. "Her bold and experimental fashion choices make her a potential candidate to carry off the colour with grace.

"Priyanka Chopra's versatile style will make her a good fit and Alia Bhatt will be able to carry off peach fuzz in a modern and trendy way," she says. 

Here's presenting celeb-inspired ways to wear peach fuzz in the new year.  

IMAGE: Peachy keen on sporting the colour? Opt for an undeniably adorable hoodie like Rashmika Mandanna. 
Photograph: Kind courtesy Rashmika Mandanna/Instagram 


IMAGE: Nupur Sanon shows you how to be a star in peach and black. 
Photograph: Kind courtesy Nupur Sanon/Instagram


IMAGE: It's a playful kind of morning for Priyanka Chopra who layers up in the pinkish-orangish shade.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Priyanka Chopra/Instagram


IMAGE: Want to be dubbed a boss lady? Embrace your androgynous side in a blazer like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. 
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonam Kapoor Ahuja/Instagram


IMAGE: Rakul Singh's dress features a coral-ish, peach-ish hue that's perfect for any party.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Rakul Singh/Instagram


IMAGE: Manushi Chhillar teams it with another pastel colour. 
Photograph: Kind courtesy Manushi Chhillar/Instagram


IMAGE: Life is all peaches and gold for Katrina Kaif. 
Photograph: Kind courtesy Katrina Kaif/Instagram

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