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Is This The New Jodi In Bollywood?

August 02, 2023 16:32 IST
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He is The Chocolate Boy, with courtly manners and looks that bring back memories of your college sweetheart.

She's got impish 'nawabi swag'. She is, after all, the daughter of the nawab of Pataudi.

Together, with their double-barrelled names, they marched to the beats of The Power Of Love.

Actors Sara Ali Khan and Aditya Roy Kapoor unveiled Shantanu & Nikhil's collection Etheria at FDCI India Couture Week, New Delhi, which took the audience on an armchair tour of Italy, as they let them indulge in the 'grandeur of Roman places'.

IMAGE: All this Romeo and Juliet pair needed was a Verona balcony and a Verdi soundtrack.
All photographs: Kind courtesy FDCI/Instagram


IMAGE: She was a haseena in a peach lehenga ensemble, with an overwhelming quota of crystal and glass plus embroidery more compliacated than the plot of Race 3.
Aditya's kurta had a a cute and handy little gamcha sticking out from his pocket, for wiping his handsome brow.


IMAGE: The designers seemed to match the Italian inspiration of their clothes, when they appeared on stage with the showstopper twosome.


IMAGE: Did he blow in from a restaurant in Sardinia?
Shantanu and Nikhil have been dubbed the 'original drape creators for men'.
But this was a miss.


IMAGE: Along came the Romans... Salute Hadrian, Agrippina and Maximus...
In minty-fresh fits elegant enough for emperors with ice cream cravings on their minds.


IMAGE: The designers have redefined the term 'girly' when it comes to satin, sheer and sequins.
Instead of this kind of frills giving off whiffs of perfume, nail polish and lavender, you can almost smell tobacco, Old Monk and leather wafting off these gents and their lace.


IMAGE: A magnificent, oversized ivory dress with divorced sleeves and a cleavage wider than the Colosseum.
Certainly not a look for the kum is zyada bandwagon.

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