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Ananya's Golden Glow

Last updated on: August 01, 2023 11:35 IST
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The other day fashion girl Ananya Panday could have been mistaken for an Oscar statuette.

She gleamed in a 'molten leaf bustier and skirt set' for Rimzim Dadu at FDCI India Couture Week, New Delhi.

Her saucy hand-on-the-hip, baring-one-elegant-leg pose saw her triumph on the runway.

IMAGE: It was an ensemble that persuaded the actor shed her usual cutie, girly mood and turned her, in a matter of minutes, into a full-blooded woman.
She walked a silver carpet bathed in gold. All photographs: Kind courtesy FDCI/Instagram


IMAGE: Stunning... The wavy weave of the metallic crimson skirt and steel blue top had a shimmering, wobbly effect like you were looking at your reflection in a puddle on a rainy day.
The combed texture, that dotted Nainital-raised Dadu's collection, titled Hypochromic, was meant to 'pay homage to water -- its form, power and versatility'.
BTW... That's the tiniest bandeau we have ever seen.


IMAGE: Rimzim's art was all about a delightful play of the most rare weaves, one after the next.
The wired dupatta, akin to a packaging sleeve you might find in a box from Amazon, seemed to be a new concept and so were the mesh pants and armoured kurta.


IMAGE: A gown rich in ruched (Business of Fashion informs us that it means 'a gathered overlay of fabric strips that are pleated, fluted, or gathered together to create a ripple-like effect') panelling like the curtains at Mumbai's Liberty cinema where Hum Aap Ke Hai Kaun..! ran for 100 weeks.


IMAGE: If Rimzim were to set the fashion bar any higher, it might just crash like one of the world's stock market indices.

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