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Photos! These dresses are made of toilet paper

June 26, 2018 14:30 IST

Presenting the best looks from the 14th annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest in Manhattan, New York, US.

Scroll down to see the dresses which have been made of toilet paper. 

A model backstage at the dress fittings before the contest begins. Photographs: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Imagine how many rolls of toilet paper were used for the train of this gown.

A contestant smiles for the camera as she lines up to showcase her creation.

This gorgeous gown is not meant to be flushed down!

A mermaid cut, off-shoulder and asymmetrical hemline...this contestant pulled all the stops to ensure that her gown stands out.

Here comes the 'toilet bride'!

The contestant didn't stick to regular gowns and threw in some intricate detailing too. The hat is made of toilet paper as well!

Who thought toilet paper could be put to such good use?

A bride beams as she walks down in her creations.

Backstage staff carefully help this contestant with her veil. 

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