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Being Vicky Kaushal

January 12, 2019 11:35 IST

The actor dives into the New Year in style with his latest cover.

Photograph: Courtesy Elle/Instagram

Elle mag found an interesting way to shoot their latest cover.

'On a chilly December morning, @vickykaushal09 suggested that he jump into the sub-zero pool at the Amanbagh in Alwar, for the perfect cover shot,' they revealed in an Instagram post.

'It was an insane idea but then again madness is one of those vital ingredients you need to make it in the movie business.'

Commenting about their cover star, they added: 'In retrospect, as we present our January issue, this anecdote sums up his personality perfectly -- a risk-taker who always jumps into the deep end.

'Vicky has consistently made unconventional choices and watched those gambles pay off.

'A versatile actor, consistent performer and certified Internet boyfriend -- we present our indefatigable cover star. There's no one else we'd rather dive into the new year with.

Dressed in a knit T-shirt, with a cotton and linen blazer and cotton pants, the actor cut an impressive figure on the black-and-white cover of Elle mag's January 2019.

'I never knew that when you get into your car and decide where to go, there’ll still be paparazzi when you get to your destination,' the actor said in the interview.

'I later found out that they've got all our car numbers down, and they track our movements.

He added: 'I still sometimes go to malls and restaurants because it hasn't sunken in that I will be spotted and asked for pictures. That still surprises me.'

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