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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » Magical Lehengas, Stunning Saris

Magical Lehengas, Stunning Saris

By Rediff Get Ahead
July 25, 2022 14:00 IST
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Fashion Pasha Tarun Tahiliani inaugurated the FDCI India Couture Week with a splash -- like the glitter and glow of a phooljhari going off -- presenting the creme of India's wonderful craftmanship via inspired part-Western fits for brides.

'We focused on something poetic; something that pleases the eye. The collection is all about movement,' Tarun explained.

Photograph: Kind courtesy FDCI/Instagram

A model in a fetching low-cut ensemble adds the last flourish of lip gloss backstage before Tarun's show begins.



Saris with veils are in vogue after Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor's shaadi.
To-be brides will find inspiraton in this contemporary twist to the sari.
The heavily embellished sari, paired with a dazzling choli and a sheer veil, is an extraordinary look to try for your wedding.



It's hard to not gasp in admiration at the cut of these mind-boggling cutout blouses.
Intriguing structured dupattas and lehengas with embellished belts are a welcome innovation.



What do you think of these flowing wrap-around blouses?



This model ditches a plain Jane dupatta for an alluring sheer sequin poncho kind of drape worn over a choli.



Intricate earth tones made the colour palette stand out rather well.



A season of change has been ushered in for men posed to embrace matrimony. It's not a bold change. But gentle-on-the-eye embroidered layered looks in the faintest pink and frosty ivory.



That oh-so-cloying colour-coordinated couple look -- the matching-matching stuff -- is out of fashion!
It's now all about contrast.
The collection saw bright sindoor-red saris along with well-tailored sharp men's wear.



Delicate. Soft. Dreamy.
This lacy bridal look is eye-catching.
Fine embroidery techniques such as the jarkana, pichwai and kashida form the strong craft pillars for this collection.



While some models wore the dupatta over their heads, others styled it like a cape.



Tarun steps onstage to greet the audience and absorb the applause for a truly fairytale, fusion, bridal collection.

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