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'My Father Is My God'

Last updated on: June 16, 2024 14:20 IST
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Father's day: Madhukar Marutirao Nimje

Photograph: Kind courtesy Meenakshi Likhare

Meenakshi Likhare from Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, misses her father Madhukar Marutirao Nimje on this special day.

This is about my superhero who continues to play a crucial role in my life.

I remember all the moments spent together from my childhood.

There is much more to describe about him; this is, in short, to tell you that he is the one who spent his whole life to give happiness to others -- not only to family members but also to relatives and friends through different ways like educating them, giving them shelter, encouraging them, motivating them and positively handling any kind of situation.

He never thought about himself or his happiness and comfort. He never troubled anyone about his financial or health issues till his last breath on Sunday, April 2, 2022.

On that day, I was completely shattered and thought that I had been separated from my God. My life without him is like that of a stem and leaves without the whole tree. But, afterwards, I realised that he is always with us.

I remember how my day would begin with his first wake-up call, 'Miniya', and end with everyone in the family spending time together.

When anyone asks me if I have seen God, my answer is, 'Yes, I saw the God that is my father.'

I will never walk alone in the path and the direction he showed me and because he is always with me.

Love you, Baba. Rest in peace.

Thank you, Meenakshi, for telling us about your wonderful father.


Father's Day 

"I could have imbibed more of his dedication, hard work, caring nature and selflessness," says Jaideep Barve about his father.

June 16 happens to be Father's Day and, on this occasion, here is a small tribute to my father, my hero!

Whatever I am today is because of the strong influence my father had on me. His support and guidance paved the way for me.

With awe, I remember his amazing grasping power, his wonderful memory and his outlook towards his life. I guess I could have imbibed more of his dedication, hard work, caring nature and selflessness.

Armed with strong academic degrees, he thought ahead of time. Some of the products and solutions he conceived demonstrate that he was a visionary in the true sense.

I aspire to be like him and carry on his legacy so that he is proud of me.

The only complaint I have about him is that he left us too early. His grandchildren have definitely missed being with him.

You may have gone to a better world, but your memory lives on. I know you're watching over us from above and blessing us.

Rest in peace, Baba. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers. And I can vouch for sure that all that I have written above will be echoed by my sister Amrita and my brother Chandan.

Thank you, Jaideep, for these inspiring memories of your father.


Father's Day 

"My father's wisdom, warmth and affection touched my heart forever," says 67-year-old Mahadevayya Karadalli from Kalaburagi, Karnataka.

Father! For me, it is not a simple word; it's something that’s special and mesmerising.

It has been two-and-a-half decades passed since my beloved father passed but I believe he is still with me.

My father was and remains my friend, philosopher, guide, true icon...

While he did not tell me 'I love you', he made me experience the existence of love and affection through his actions.

He was economically poor and less educated but left a rich legacy.

Despite all the hurdles he faced, he looked after his family with his earnings. He kept the ancestral property intact and left behind no debts.

He believed in me completely which was the best gift he could ever give me.

He may be an ordinary man for others but, for me, he was a hero, an adventurer, a storyteller, an expert counsellor, a path finder and a practical man with abundant experience. His wisdom, warmth and affection touched my heart for ever.

He extended a helping hand not only when I was in distress but also to the needy. He picked up and motivated them.

He nurtured my dreams and helped me see the future. He was the person whom I could always rely on.

In our hour of need, he soothed our sorrows.

The only thing he expected from me was that I would be as good a man as he meant me to be.

But alas! We never understand the dreams of our parents till we become parents ourselves.

Our parents tried their best to see their future in their children's achievement. Their love, affection, sacrifice and support made me a knowledgeable, law-abiding civilian, a swavalambi and swabhimani son and a patriotic son of the great Bharat, the nation which takes responsibility for peace and harmony for the world.

Thank you, Mr Karadalli, for sharing your memories of your amazing father.

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