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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » 'Blessed to experience Bappa's magic'

'Blessed to experience Bappa's magic'

September 05, 2022 17:04 IST
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While Bakulesh Trivedi from Ashokvan, Borivali, north west Mumbai, loves celebrating Ganeshotsav -- he has been bringing Lord Ganesha home for 12 years -- he also believes one must not harm the environment while doing so.

His eco-friendly Ganpati idol is made of red sand and papier-mache.

The decorations too are made from eco-friendly materials like cardboard and paper.


Yogesh Pandya from Borivali West, Mumbai, says, 'May Lord Ganesha brings happiness in your life, love in your heart and a smile on your face.'


Ramesh RK has been celebrating Ganeshotsav for a decade now.

'Ganesha gives me happiness and joy.

'My kids Tarun and Harini, who are in the picture, enjoy every moment of Ganesh Chaturthi.' Please click on/hover over the image for a closer look.


Pooja Nair, from Pisoli, Pune, says, 'Bappa, to my family and me, is 'happiness'.

'This was our 4th year of getting him home or let's just say making the idol.

'As much as the idea of getting Bappa home excited us, at the same time the scene post visarjan, broke our heart.

'Seeing them broken and being taken to a dumpyard was absolutely heart wrenching. That's when we decided to shape our own Bappa's idol.

'Though it's not as presentable as the store bought one, but we are at peace to see our beloved Bappa dissolve in water, in very own balcony and later being with us always in a planter, nurturing our plants.

'The peace, excitement and happiness that follows him, is absolutely unmatched.

'We feel blessed to able to experience the magic. Hoping for many more years of this experience.'


Abhijeet Anup Nandy, who welcomed Bappa into his home in Bexleyheath, London, says, 'My wife, Rai Dutta Nandy and son, Ayon Nandy, also whole-heartedly welcome Bappa.

'Bappa is our family member and we move around with him.

'Me and my wife, first started bringing Bappa home right after our marriage in 2012. Ever since then every year we have welcomed Bappa in every city, home and place we have been in.

'Bappa will stay with us for 10 days and we have so much fun except Visarjan day when we are sad. My 7-year-old son actually wept last time when we bid Bappa goodbye and I couldn't control my tears as well.

'Bappa is with us always, just these 10 days we pamper him in person :-)

'Our unforgettable memory of Ganesha is when in 2014 we got Ganesh in child form for the first time and within a month my wife conceived.

'So we will eternally be grateful to Ganesha for our wonderful child.'


Dear Readers, how are you celebrating Ganeshotsav this year?

Have you made the idol at home?

What is special about the celebrations this year? Do you have a theme for the festival?

Please send your Ganpati 2022 pictures to (Subjectline: My Lord Ganesha).

Do mention your Name and Where You Live. Also, WHY Lord Ganesha has a special place in your heart.

Do you have an unforgettable memory related to Lord Ganesha? We'd love to hear about it.

Is there a favourite prasad you make for Lord Ganesha? Do share the recipe and pictures with us.

Going pandal-hopping? Share your pictures with us.


Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/

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